Mark Marable

Visiting doctors for checkup is a normal routine which is very necessary post surgeries or operation and else. But how many times we are actually able to report positively. Even the data suggests that we often give a miss to our doctor and therapist appointment due to proper travelling service. ..
The Present world is a world that is filled with chaos, violence, murders, rapes, acts of terrorism and diseases that are incurable in nature that makes this world, an unhealthy& uneasy place to live in. Normallyin such a situation, emergency transportation services take care of such inciden..
We are in a world that is engulfed with chaos, violence, mutiny, rebellion, and lots of bloodshed that is making the whole world a scarier& hellish place to live in. Anarchy like that is only making the job of medicals and hospitals more busier and clumsy. In case, you are an emergency aid w..
We are already in the second decade of the twenty first century where the world is really moving very faster. In such a world, we can see the prosperity as well as the destruction all around us. In such a world, rescue teams and medical transportation such as emergency as well as non emergency m..
Have you ever experienced being transported in a non-emergency stretcher transportation? If ‘No’ is your confident answer then this article will help you in getting aware of a world where thousands of citizens or patients as well as their families are faced with a situation cum chall..