Cosmetic Surgery South Wales

Amy Child’s has recently hit the headlines due to claims the star underwent cosmetic surgery whilst pregnant. Childs has since denied the claims, insisting she hasn’t had any cosmetic procedures done to her face in 18 months. However, would it matter if she had? Here we’ll look at..
Tummy tucks can really boost confidence and help you to achieve the body you desire. However, a common worry many women have is whether it’s possible, or even a good idea, to have a baby after having a tummy tuck procedure. Is it safe? Will you need to have another tummy tuck procedure afterw..
Although breast enlargement is one of the most common cosmetic procedures carried out across the UK, many patients are unsure what to expect after the surgery. In particular, they aren’t prepared for how the breasts may feel post-enlargement. If you’re thinking of having a breast enlarg..
Cosmetic surgery South Wales is a reliable health care for surgeries like breast augmentation, tummy tuck, liposuction, etc. Every kind of surgery comes with one or the other disadvantage So, Well, breast augmentation also has quite a few disadvantages – one of which is breast implant rupture..
Experts have revealed the top cosmetic surgery trends set to feature throughout 2017. Each year, cosmetic surgeons see a shift in treatment popularity. In 2016, the number of millennials undergoing treatments increased, minimally invasive procedures became incredibly popular and more males than ever..
The world was shocked when Brad and Angelina decided to file for divorce and according to recent reports of cosmetic surgery binges, Mr Pitt could be taking it just as hard as his fans. It is being reported that Brad is seeking cosmetic treatments to help him cope with his divorce and current custo..
The Cosmetic surgery South Wales brings you Breast augmentation. Pamper yourself with Breast Augmentation and look more beautiful. Generally, there is no age for augmentation but it is advised to go for this surgery once you have finished having your small family. It is a safe surgery process as lo..