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Marriages are the best part of any individual’s life, but due to some situations and reasons, couples decide to separate and live their life independently.  Marriages are the best part of any individual’s life, but due to some situations and reasons, couples decide to separate and ..
Are you stressed and tired of a bad married life? If yes, then it is common that filing for divorce may strike your mind. For this either you can hire a divorce lawyer or can handle the entire separation process by self. Are you stressed and tired of a bad married life? If yes, then it is common th..
Online E-will draft Services have simplified process of will drafting, have a look over it. Making a will online is a simple and inexpensive process which is important for succession perspective for preventing disputes occurring within family. Presence of e-will service has simplified the whol..
It is common for people to indulge in any case of dispute, let us have a look over civil litigation process for easy resolution of dispute. Civil litigation is a kind of legal dispute occurred between two or more parties suffering from monetary damages or specific performances and non criminal sanc..
Divorce is one of the critical stage of life of person, let us see how divorce mediation can help in resolving divorce issues. Divorce mediation means a negotiation for divorce settlement. In this process, both parties and their respective lawyers hire a neutral third party, acting as mediator..
Annulment is an alternative option after divorce to end up marriage, let us study few conditions where annulment of marriage is possible. If you want to end your marriage, there are two options available namely divorce and annulment in Singapore. A person cannot apply for divorce until three years ..
Prenup agreements must not be taken lightly. Get proper prenup agreements written with the help of professional lawyers.  As you know that there are huge official formalities involved in marriage registration so you must consider all the aspects carefully. One of the major aspects of agreement..
Annulment lawyers can help you get proper annulment in case of divorce. Selecting a good lawyer will brighten your chances to fetch the right amount.  Did you get cheated in marriage? Do you want to end your marriage? If your answer is yes, then the perfect option that you can choose it is the..
There are many people who wish to get their will written well in time. If you are one of such people, online will preparation can help you out.  Now the time has come to end all the worries regarding making your will. In this generation of connectivity you cannot sit idle by thinking of proble..
Annulment is a law process where you are granted separation from your spouse and also get back your previous marital status.    The word Annulment is a legal term which is used to refer a marriage as void and the couple can get back their individuality and can live the life as they used ..
Online will preparation is easy to be done and you can have the segregation of your assets between your heirs according to your will after your demise.    When you have a family it is not only you need to fulfil their all wishes when you are alive but you also need to make preparations t..
The Prenup Agreements has to be mutually singed and agreed upon which ensure that in case of separation your personal properties will belong to you and no one have the right to share it.    Prenup agreements can be really beneficial in this age when marriages are not certain and sin..
There are many circumstances in life where you may want to think about continuing the marriage with your partner. There are varied situations that cam crop up and that can lead to divorce even. There may be also a situation where you want to take time to think about the divorce and in between both o..
When you enter into a prenuptial agreement you have the right on all your assets even if you decide to end your marriage with your partner. This is a contract which has to be signed by both the partners before getting married and then it enables them to hold all the properties and the finances that ..
Marriage has many legal bindings attached with it. The properties that you are holding now, before your marriage also get included in the legal matters in case there is any need of separation. Before your marriage, both the partners need to declare their properties, including the debts. After the ma..
People wish to write a will, so as to distribute your property among your dependents and spouse. You might be looking to appoint an attorney for the purpose. Now with the evolution of online services, you can manage to do the same on the web and get an e-copy for yourself. The online will service&nb..
If your partner and you have decided to separate, then you can consider a legal separation agreement. Civil union partners or Married couples can apply for a legal separation order from the Court. A legal separation agreement may be in writing or oral. Read on to know more about it. What issues are..
Getting a divorce is a process that causes much physical and emotional stress.  Not choosing a good lawyer to handle the proceedings in the most efficient manner can increase this stress a zillion times and actually turn the divorce into the worst nightmare of their clients. On the other hand, ..
Family affairs and problems are something which actually every home suffers through. If parents have a harmonious relationship, then siblings create a quarrel at home. On the other hand, elder uncle comes up with the claim in the family house property and again the family issues starts prevailing. I..
When two people in a marriage bond decide to separate then many tangible and intangible assets are set under the impression of severance as well. It is not the couple unraveling, actually a bond between the two families is about to over. The pain and agony block the mind to work in a proper manner a..
We all like to fall in love and marry the person who we think is our soul mate and who will walk with us lifelong.  Unfortunately, life is not always the way we want it to be and there are times when things don’t really work out as per plan. That is the time you need to engage the service..
The necessity of a law firm is found in every corner of the world. No matter a business is accomplished at a small level or big, the significance of the law firm is felt each second. Almost every task in public and private sector firm needs the approval of the government. The main job of the legal f..