Luis Andrianto

Web development is a very good business, especially in this modern age where information is gathered online and e-commerce becomes the new shopping center. But it is a very demanding job that not only requires extensive web developing knowledge but also business and communication skill. But if you h..
Data centers are divided into four classifications, also referred to as tiers, depending on the topology design of each of the infrastructure. The Uptime Institute invented the classification system and set it as a benchmark standard that serves as a requirement or guideline in building a proper and..
Many business owners think that only huge enterprises need colocation service. But this view is actually very outdated. Internet has connected our world in a way that we never imagine before and it impacts small business as well. Excellent data storage and reliable server are necessary to improve yo..
Web design is a complicated job. In fact, it is more than just managing the navigation bar of the website. More than that, you have to think about how to make your website beautiful or interesting to see. It hopes by designing the website, the visitors can increase their trust to your website and go..