To maximize the joy of learning and reading,   reading skills needs to be inculcated among children earlier in life. It develops their love for books, they seek fun in reading and it nurtures their lifelong connection with books. When children share a positive feeling with books, they gene..
Imagine, it is your first day of the school and as soon as you walk into the class assigned to you, you find a specially-abled child in your class. What would you do? Initially you would try to not give much attention to the child thinking that it might make him uncomfortable; however, you just can&..
Buying Sparsh products is an incredible experience if you want to help in the efforts of this stupendous NGO in Delhi. Not only is this fine NGO in West Delhi working for the betterment of underprivil
Presidium is a school, best known for its academics. The school empowers the students with intellect that is not just limited to books. A well organized curriculum, powered with experiential learning
What does it mean to look for the best school for your child? Obviously, the right schools would look into the multiple needs of students, and encourage them to explore the many areas of holistic educ
Presidium is the best senior secondary school in Delhi NCR. It is a formal school affiliated to CBSE and the classes are run till high schools, with best facilities.
Nursery School Admission in Delhi NCR 2017-2018
With the onset of Board examinations, Mrs. Sudha Gupta, the Hon'ble Chairperson of Presidium, sends her good wishes to the students. In an encouraging message to them she said that you have the potential to turn every challenge into a great success. Quoting Swami Vivekananda's golden words she sa..
Presidium ranks among the top schools that are rated as best senior secondary in Delhi. This school stands ideally on its commitment of inculcating all the values and qualities in a child requisite