7 Solutions to Get Plump Lips

Posted on Jan 21, 2016 by Annie


What about sexy plump lips? Most women desire to have plump lips, they will do anything to have them. Plumping the lips makes them fuller and lively, this adds up to a beautiful radiant look. Avoid easy ways to plump the lips like doing a surgery. This is like gambling with your looks. A surgery might give results that you would regret; it can also lead to irreversible damages. The lips are a sensitive part when it comes to our looks. You can wake up to silky smooth gorgeous lips; all you have to do is follow some simple solutions. Read on for solutions to get plump lips:

  1. Exfoliate

Just like any other part of the skin, your lips produce dead skin which needs to be scrubbed off. Lip ex-foliates are readily available at home. You can use your toothbrush to ex-foliate every morning after brushing your teeth to temporarily make them fuller. A soft towel can also be used for exfoliation, ensure that it is clean before use. For dry and flaky lips applying a petroleum jelly to stay overnight will give you smooth and supple plump lips.

You can also make your own lip ex-foliate. You need honey and sugar. Add a half a teaspoon of both the honey and sugar to the ball and mix them. Rub your lips with the mixture to ex-foliate for 2 minutes then wipe off with a wet towel. Exfoliation renews the lips by getting rid of the dead cells for beautiful plump look. Remember to moisturize with a petroleum jelly immediately after ex-foliating.

  1. Moisturize

By moisturizing your lips you make them supple and smooth reflecting more light for a plump look. Dry and flaky lips look smaller and dull. You can apply pure coconut oil before and after shower to moisturize the lips. Do not break this routine for about three weeks. The natural coconut oil adds moisture to your lips make it soft and plump. After taking off the makeup in the evening before bed, make sure that you moisturize your lips. You will wake up with more pink and fuller lips.

  1. Hydrate

Always take water; make it 8 glasses at least per day. Taking food with high water content is also important; this includes fruits like the watermelon. Hydration is needed to get the lips plump. Water is also needed for making the lips healthier and softer with a sensual glow. Water brings in more moisture and flow of blood to plump the lips. Make it your routine to hydrate as much as you can.

  1. Shop for best lip plumpers

Spending your money to buy the best lip plumpers is like investing on your lips. When shopping, try to choose products that are gentle on your sensitive lips. Some products can falsely plump your lips by making them swell and pain for some time. If you have the best lip plumper, use it on your lips either once or twice a day depending on how you would like them to look or feel. Ensure even application of the lip plumper by opening your mouth as you apply.

  1. Facial yoga

Just like yoga workout for body fitness your lips need some exercise. The facial yoga is contrary to the body fitness yoga. The other one is to achieve an ideal slim body while the facial yoga is to make the lips plump. One good thing about lip exercises is that you can master them easily and do them anywhere. These exercises make your lips fuller by exercising the lip muscles. It encourages blood circulation in your lips for bigger and glowing lips.

  1. Use your makeup

You can use your makeup to reflect more light for a fuller appearance on your lips. This can be achieved by applying gold or silver eye shadow on your lips at the middle of your upper lip according to your skin color. You can also draw a line slightly past your lip line with a liner that has same color as your lipstick. Apply the lipstick evenly and ensure that it does not distort the extended line. This makes your lips look bigger. You can further make them look bold by applying a concealer to hide the extended line.

  1. Steaming

You must be wondering how? Apply some petroleum jelly on your lips before you take a shower. Make sure that the applied jelly is thick. As you bathe the steam from your shower penetrate deep into your lips for fuller and softer lips. When done, wipe off the jelly using a soft towel. You can do this regularly for your desired results.


Plumping your lips with safer techniques is very easy and very cheap. Walk around with fuller lips that everyone will be asking where you got them.

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