What is Benefit of Hiring a Divorce Collaborative Divorce Lawyer in Singapore?

Posted on Jan 23, 2016 by Henry

It is a painful moment for a couple when they decide to end up their marriage. The agony does not sustain for long, but the burden of financial liabilities which are imposed on each other are like an outburst. While you are a citizen of Singapore, few things will really be difficult for you to go the divorce process. First, to hire a lawyer who is experienced, and another is the accomplishment of all the document work without hiring a lawyer. The divorce process in Singapore was lengthy and hectic, but since collaborative family practice came in the limelight, from then the divorce procedure became short.

In many cases, collaborative family practice law does not imply on the couples. Depending upon their financial status, quarrels and non-negotiable attitudes; however, the divorce process in Singapore takes place in two following steps-

    - Firstly, court in Singapore decided whether the marriage stands anywhere or not. It should be dissolved or not?
    - Secondly, the custody of the children, matrimonial assets division and maintenance of the wife and children if applicable or not is decided.

Judicial separation Singapore is now an easy process because of the online facilities that are being offered by the reputed law firms. You don’t need to line up in front of the well known lawyers office anymore. The law firms are operating through the online platform due to which clients will gain benefit of taking free no obligation consultation and can communicate with the hired lawyer at any point of time.

Therefore, a deed of separation Singapore is signed between the couples with their respective lawyers infront of the judge. The procedure takes place in the court at an assigned time and date by the ruling judge of the concerned department.  In the course of avoiding the lengthy divorce process in Singapore, many law firms have joined the online portals. The law firm which is reputed, have license and gained the accreditation from the Singapore judicial body is acceptable online.

The most beneficial way to hire a divorce lawyer is open for you. Simply visit the website, submit your query and wait for the quick response from the qualified executive. A free consultation session option is available for which you need to make an appointment by clicking on the link given. After hearing about the case, a notice will be sent to the spouse and then further proceedings will take place.

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