6 tips to follow for healthy nails!

Posted on Jan 30, 2016 by Annie

Most of us ignore taking care of our nails but sometimes, some signs can show whether you are sick or unwell. If your nails are chipping, turning yellow, etc. there could be a reason for all this. If you want to maintain the health of your nails then here are 6 tips to follow…

  1. Eat healthy – Eating healthy food matters a lot. If you lack some vitamin in the body, then your nails might start chipping or turning yellowish. You certainly don’t want that to happen, so make sure you eat healthy in order to maintain the health of your nails.

  1. Don’t use too much nail polish – If you often change nail polish colours, then you are not giving any food to your nails. Make sure you use a good brand and try avoiding too much polish on your nails. You can opt for acrylic nails. You can find these nails at any salon, which has nail art near Gurgaon easily. You can use that and organic glue in order to save your nails from damage. You can paint those fake nails, opt for nail art, and shape them like you want and much more. Playing around with your actual nails is not really a good idea!

  1. Clean them well – Once you have taken off the nail polish, make sure you cut them and clean them properly. Use a moisturizer over the nails to protect it, and you can also use a nail protecting polish over this layer.

  1. Get manicures – Manicures are good for the nails but make sure you get it done in a limit. You cannot get manicures done every day, you need to get it done either once a month or twice in a month. It is not necessary to get millions of manicures to perfect the nails; you need to take care of it on your own too. The effect of the manicure is not permanent, you need to clean it regularly and apply a cream to make them shining.

  1. Cut them often – Yes, cutting your nails is as important as anything else. When your nails grow up to a certain limit, they tend to break quickly; this can cause pain and make your nails thin. So avoid such kind of pain and simply cut them once they grow too much. Make sure you file it post cutting to remove any thin layer from the sides, which can restrict the growth of the nails. This is only if you are not cutting them off till the finger skin level.

  1. Use special products – Nail products are barely there in the market, but whatever is available, find the good one and use it to pamper your nails. You can find special nail hardening gels or creams, you can also find essential oils, which help in nail growth and much more.

Start protecting your nails and if you see signs then consult a doctor for information!

Author – The author is a beauty expert who loves sharing her knowledge. Read her other informative articles on www.salontrip.com

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