Understand The Factors Incorporated In Legal Separation Agreement

Posted on Feb 11, 2016 by Jason

When two people in a marriage bond decide to separate then many tangible and intangible assets are set under the impression of severance as well. It is not the couple unraveling, actually a bond between the two families is about to over. The pain and agony block the mind to work in a proper manner and thus, leave the sufferer with depression and anxiety all over. However, while you are deciding to file a divorce case, then you must understand the law and legal actions that will be taken during the course. Judicial separation is a better method to diverse paths rather than the traditional form of divorce.

What is the judicial separation?


The judicial separation is a kind of permanent separation made between the two under an agreement where they do not go for divorce proceedings and file the application in the court on mutual understanding. This is a kind of divorce deed where two people don’t have to live together or keep the marital relationship active. The reasons behind people choose the judicial separation law for ending their marriage are-

  • Religious factors

  • Social norms

  • Children and their upbringing

  • Moral issue

  • Family pressure


However, this is a form of separation where couple is no more a family or should say called as a spouse, but actually not taken the divorce. Indeed, it is a safest form of separation which does not include any child custody problems, does not put two families in the court, keep the dignity of a woman secure and prevent the stress clouds for sure.




Before signing the legal separation agreement in front of the magistrate, it is significant to know the eligibility grounds. In Singapore, if you are willing to file the application for the partition, then you must accomplish the mentioned statuses-

  • The marriage should last atleast for the complete 3 years of span.

  • Violence cases are considered early by the court no matter marriage has lasted for 3 years or not

  • Adultery, illegal activities and unbearable conditions from any one of the spouse will lead to the separation


Well! Nowadays there is a big platform where people can hire the divorce lawyer virtually. Yes, the team of lawyers is available online for the quick approach and legal activities. Law firms which are running the licensed institution online have the right to give first free consultation to its client. The legal separation agreement, queries and a better understanding is accessible through the online sources, so this is the reason why many people in Singapore are relying upon the virtual law services and even the lawyers are approaching the clients through it.


About Author:Jason, is a law student and has interest in writing. He writes on various topic related to criminal law, family law, child custody,  judicial seperation, civil and commercial law and others. 


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