Singapore Criminal Proceedings To Keep It Crime Free And Orderly

Posted on Feb 12, 2016 by Philip

Any country that is looking at progress of its people and development, law and order situation under control is its first priority. The purpose behind law is to instil the fear of right and wrong in people and to give them a code of conduct. Singapore criminal proceedings are more stringent than other places and it makes certain activities like littering, selling chewing gum, jaywalking, possessing porn material punishable as well. As a result of these strict laws, Singapore has a record of having the lowest crime rate in the world. The police and other governing machinery are constantly looking at reducing the crimes further to make the place as secure as possible.


The criminal procedure code Singapore makes provision for corporal punishment where people have to undergo physical punishments as well as capital punishment for the more grave offences. It is a known fact that the largest numbers of people have been executed in Singapore making it obvious that the laws have no room for mercy for heinous crimes. If you are living in Singapore and have been charged with a criminal offence, it is most essential to get a Singapore top criminal lawyer to defend your case. Singapore has most strict laws for drug trafficking and the punishments range from caning to execution.


The punishments prescribed under the criminal procedure code Singapore can be divided under the following heads:



Disqualification from driving


Heavy penalties and fines

Forfeiture of property

Corrective and reformative training

Preventive detention


Since the laws are so strict and there is very little scope for error that is why having the best criminal lawyer in Singapore should be your top priority. Singapore laws are definitely the toughest in the world where if a person is found with the smallest amounts of drugs, it can result in 10 years imprisonment. Singapore criminal proceedings come down heavily on criminals and the courts do not hesitate in pronouncing death sentences either. When you are living in a place where throwing cigarette butts on the floor are punishable, you must to have the contact for the Singapore top criminal lawyer to prove your innocence if need be. The government makes endeavours to keep the place safe for its residents and the people who come as tourists to enjoy the place. There are so many options to choose from for the Singapore top criminal lawyer but the one who has a vast legal knowledge in terms of the laws of Singapore and a couple of years of practice under their belt is definitely your best bet!

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