For Choosing The Right Divorce Attorney In Singapore

Posted on Feb 19, 2016 by Jason

Getting a divorce is a process that causes much physical and emotional stress.  Not choosing a good lawyer to handle the proceedings in the most efficient manner can increase this stress a zillion times and actually turn the divorce into the worst nightmare of their clients. On the other hand, an expert lawyer can help in making sure that the clients do not have to go through a long drawn-out court proceeding or become financially broke while separating from their partners. Contrary to what most people believe, choosing the right attorney for divorce in Singapore does not necessarily need to be an overwhelming task. Given below are some helpful tips that can help divorce seekers to hire a good attorney to handle their case.


  • Choosing a lawyer from the best family law firm is highly advisable over choosing an independent divorce attorney. This is because the family law firms specialize in divorce cases and other issues that involve family law and are likely to offer the best guidance based on their extensive experience.

  • It is important for the plaintiffs to gain some basic information about the knowledge and skills of the attorney who will actually be handling their divorce case. The best way to do so is to see the attorneys at work during a case under trial to get a firsthand experience about how they deal with the various aspects and challenges.

  • It is important to choose an attorney for divorce in Singapore, who generates a sense of trust within the client. This is possible only when the attorney is not only capable of initiating free and frank conversation with the client but also to ensure that the information provided to him/ her will be used only in the best interest of the clients.

  • While choosing a good attorney is of extreme importance, the clients should not do so at the risk of losing their financial stability. Often the lawyer from the best family law firm come with a hefty price tag, but since they ensure faster closures of cases, with the best financial benefits to the clients, hiring them actually proves to be cost-effective.

The above tips will help you in finding the best attorney for your case. Make sure that you check out the details of the lawyer from all possible sources and then only hire him. A good lawyer will provide you perfect services that will be worth every penny you pay him. 


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Jason, is a law student, currently working with one of the International law firms in Singapore and has interest in writing. He writes on various topic related to criminal law, family law, prenuptial agreement, divorce law, civil and commercial law and other.  

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