All You Need To Know About Legal Separation Agreement

Posted on Feb 20, 2016 by Jason

If your partner and you have decided to separate, then you can consider a legal separation agreement. Civil union partners or Married couples can apply for a legal separation order from the Court. A legal separation agreement may be in writing or oral. Read on to know more about it.

What issues are dealt within the legal separation agreement?

A legal separation agreement is kind of an agreement that serves as a legal confirmation about the agreement of the married couple on living apart from each other. It also provides for -

  • Maintenance of the partner or spouse by the other

  • Agreement for arrangement for contact with children or day-to-day care of the partner

  • Arrangements for bearing the expenses

  • Which of the two partners has the right of living in the couple's home

  • ivision for relationship property.

Is legal separation agreement binding?
A legal separation agreement is enforceable by law.
The agreement should deal with issues of relationship property. The separating couple must adhere to the procedural requirements of the separation agreement in order to make it legally valid.
It will be valid if it deals with care arrangements for the kids. The legal separation agreement doesn’t gives legal rights enforceable in the courts. When deciding about the care arrangements, the court verdict as per its discretion, what it finds in the best interest of the kids.
You can know about procedures of applying for judicial separation and for a parenting order for custody/day-to-day care your children from an expert. A professional can help you get through the procedures easily and efficiently.
Bottom Line
You may get your legal separation agreement registered with

the Family Court, but in this case it will become enforceable and the verdict will be a court order and not just a legal agreement/contract. The separation agreement also serves as an evidence of the fact that the separation took place for dissolving the civil union or marriage. It is always wise to hire the best professional that can handle the particulars and proceedings of separation in the best manner possible. Moreover, you will be saved from encounter various issues that you may have to deal with otherwise.
In order to get the fast separation process done you need to hire the best attorney firm for you. This can either be done by browsing online or asking people around who have hired lawyers for similar purposes.

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