Guidelines For Choosing The Best Expat Divorce Lawyer In Singapore

Posted on Feb 22, 2016 by Jamson

For most people, falling in love is not something that they can control as is falling out of love. Couples, who might never have dreamt of being separated till their last breath, might suddenly find themselves fighting a divorce case. When this happens, the proximity of friends and relatives helps in relieving some of the pain and distress and helping an individual to get on in life. For couples who come to Singapore from foreign countries, dealing with the challenges of a divorce can simply lead to great strain, both physically and mentally.


Guidelines for finding the best lawyer to handle your case of Divorce


Things might become even more complicated for couples, who need to fulfill specific legal formalities in their country of origin to get separated, despite the foreign divorce recognized in Singapore.  That is why it is extremely important to choose a good attorney having ample experience in handling expat divorce cases. The following guidelines can prove helpful in finding the right lawyer for handling the divorce case of a foreigner in the most efficient manner.


  • It is important not to choose the first lawyer that the expats come across, unless they are absolutely sure about their efficiency and skills. The best way to find a good divorce lawyer is to shortlist a few after doing a Google search and gain information about their background, knowledge and experience before hiring the most suitable one.

  • The expats should make an appointment with the shortlisted lawyers for a personal meeting. It helps them understand the attitude and confidence level of the lawyers in a better manner and also provides them an insight about their capabilities of handling a complex divorce case with ease.

  • It is important to choose a divorce lawyer, who is not only professionally skilled but also compassionate enough to understand the pain and struggle of their clients. Working with such lawyer is often much easier as the clients are able to easily share their worries with them and seek advice about issues that might arise due to the divorce proceedings.

  • Finally the affordability of the divorce attorney in Singapore is also soothing that expats need to consider and it is advisable to get this issue sorted during the first meeting itself.


The above are a few guidelines that if, followed properly can help you fetch the best divorce lawyer in Singapore. Get free from the burdening issues and start a new life again!


About Author: Jamson Lim works for a top Expat Divorce firm in Singapore and has effectively handled foreigners divorce cases in Singapore. He mostly writes on topics like expat divorce eligibility,child custody, expat assets division and others. 


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