Important Things To Know Before Filing For An Expat Divorce In Singapore

Posted on Feb 22, 2016 by Jamson

A divorce is extremely complicated and stressful on its own, but when the people involved are living in a foreign land, things tend to become even more difficult. Sadly, despite the difficulties and stress that form an integral part of such proceedings, the number of cases filed for expat divorce in Singapore is on the rise. Generally people feel that the challenges and tensions associated with getting divorced are relatively easy as compared to those of living with a spouse they no longer love.


To make the divorce proceedings simpler and relatively hassle free, it is important to gain information about the important things that foreigners, who want to legally end their marriage in Singapore, should be aware of. 


  • Under the law, the expats filing for divorce need to fulfill three basic criteria. The first criterion requires the expats to have been married for three years before filing for divorce. The second criterion seeks justifiable grounds for initiating such proceedings and the third criterion states that the foreigners must have lived in Singapore for at least three years for their divorce petition to be accepted.


  • Foreigners cannot file for expat divorce in Singapore just because their spouse has returned home or has been gone for years without providing prior information. However, if the spouse has knowingly relocated to another country on a permanent basis and does not provide any information about his/her current whereabouts, the wife/husband can file for divorce.


  • Depending on the individual situations and reasons for divorce, the plaintiff might need to hire an international divorce lawyer. In general, plaintiff’s, whose spouses are not currently living in Singapore, require hiring an attorney qualified in handling international divorce cases. Such attorneys often charge a much higher fee than the lawyers handling local cases.


  • Women can apply for spousal maintenance in Singapore during the divorce proceedings. However, once the divorce proceedings are over, application for maintenance is not accepted. In addition, the amount of maintenance is decided on the basis of the financial condition of the applicant and his/her ex-spouse , ages of the involved parties and the duration of marriage etc.


You need to be very careful while you are filing a case of Divorce and need to hire the best attorney who can handle your case well. Details about the lawyer can be fetched via his previous clients or friends who know him. Do not sign with any lawyer until you complete your homework thoroughly as this might land you in further trouble.


About Author: Jamson Lim works for a top Expat Divorce firm in Singapore and has effectively handled foreigners divorce cases in Singapore. He mostly writes on topics like expat divorce eligibility, child custody, expat assets division and others. 


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