How Child Custody Lawyer Helps In Getting You The Custody Of Your Child?

Posted on Mar 15, 2016 by Jamson

In the event of an international divorce, if your Child Custody lawyer is able to win the custody of your child in your favour, then the happiness you get is out of the world but with the joy there comes all the responsibilities of the child on you. From nurturing the child to his or her education, medical treatments, the religion of the child that he is going to follow, every decision rests on your judgement and sense of responsibility.


There are different kinds of Child Custody that can be offered by the court in the lights of the scenario of your family circumstances and the ability of managing the child by the parents either single handed or jointly. Firstly, the sole custody is one of the forms of custody where only one parent is having the custody over the child totally. All the decisions related to the child and the future of the child is dependent on that particular parent and in this kind of custody, the other parent’s decision doesn’t have any official importance in the life of the child.


Secondly, when both the parents have official rights in making the right decision for the child, his or her future benefits and everything related to the child, then it is known as the Joint Child Custody. Thirdly, hybrid custody refers to the custody type where one parent is having the custody of the child but the non-custodial parent can have his opinion for the decisions that are needed to be taken for the benefit of the child. Lastly, Split custody is offered when there in more than one child and due to financial or other family circumstances, one parent is either unable or not willing to take the responsibility of both the children, then each of the parents can have the custody of one child.


Normally split custody is not offered as that makes the children away from each other but if the circumstances are so then maybe court prescribes the same. Another important aspect on which you can get the assistance of your Child Custody lawyer is the circumstances when you need to do Child Relocation. Most of the time, it is seen that after separation, the parent live in different places and sometimes different cities too. There arises the need for Child Relocation and if that is for the benefit of the child, then court may grant the order for the same. 


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