How to create an online will?

Posted on Mar 16, 2016 by Jason

People wish to write a will, so as to distribute your property among your dependents and spouse. You might be looking to appoint an attorney for the purpose. Now with the evolution of online services, you can manage to do the same on the web and get an e-copy for yourself. The online will service will be perfect for you. You will not have to reach an advocate for will writing in Singapore and get a sitting with him. If you are aged enough, you will fell the simple movement to be very much painful. The best possible way to get rid out of all those is through the help of online will preparation. Four simple steps are there, which you will have to follow to get the support. 

Give basic details – Initial step in the enlistment is to enrol you. Just give the essential information, like your name and address. Along with the details, you will have to provide your marital status and the number of kids, you are having. You might have to specify the age of each, including yours and your spouse. 

Identify the executor – In the second step, the executor of the will need to be declared, while taking online will preparation. He or she is the specialized person, appointed by you, with a notice to court, to take care of the will, after your death. He or she will know everything related to finance, including the taxes and properties of yours. 

Declare the will – In the third step of online will service, you will have to declare the process of distribution of your property among the heirs. You might have got a plan already regarding to that. Just mention that in this area, in your own words. 

Get a copy – The final step of online “will writing in Singapore” is to take a copy of the same that has been developed online. It can be a PDF copy or can be a copy, which can be edited. 

Writing of a will is not an easy task and that need to be penned now in a complete professional manner using actual technical legal words. Hiring the services of an expert in this field is very important. Search online and you will get the list of law firms which can assist you in preparing your legal will. You can even check with your friends and relatives in order to hire a good lawyer who can ease your tasks.

About Author:Jason, is a law student and has interest in writing. He writes on various topic related to criminal law, family law, divorce law, judicial seperation, will and estate matters prenuptial agreement, civil and commercial law and other.


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