Child Custody With The Help Of The Child Custody Lawyer

Posted on Mar 22, 2016 by Jamson

When there is a separation between the parents through an international divorce in Singapore, one of the main concerns of the parents is about their child/ children. Due to the separation, many children get affected adversely if the custody doesn’t go in the favour of the right and responsible parent. There are many responsibilities to be taken care of when you are going to have the custody of your child but at the first place you must engage the right Child Custody lawyer for yourself. So, the time you know you can take the responsibilities, hire the experienced lawyers who can surely get you the Child custody. In these cases, the experience and the knowledge matters a lot, so when you are thinking of hiring a child custody lawyer, take reviews from your friends and other clients of the lawyer whom you know.

There are four different kind of child custody that can be offered by the court for you and your spouse in Singapore. Firstly, there is the single or sole custody, where it is solely your responsibility to take care of the child, make reasonable decisions for his or her future and there is involvement of the other parent in those decisions. From education to the religion of the child depends on your decision. Even the decision related to child relocation depends on the custodial parent.

Child relocation is accepted by court only when that is beneficial for the child. The second one is the joint custody, where both the parents are having the right to decide the future of their child. In joint custody, all the decisions are lying on the shoulder of both the parents and even the responsibilities. The third one being the hybrid custody, where the actual custody lies with one of the parents but the non-custodial parent can make decision for the child if that is beneficial. But accepting that decision or not depends on the custodial parent. In some cases, the custodial parent also can ask for the help of the non custodial parent for taking the right decision for their child.  And the last one is the split custody, which is offered when there is more than one child and maybe due to some reason, one parent or both of the parents not capable of taking the responsibilities of the children. Experienced child custody lawyer can get you the custody of your child. But you need to be sure of taking all the responsibilities.

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