International Divorce With The Help Of The Divorce Lawyer

Posted on Mar 22, 2016 by Jamson

The cases of the International Divorces are little bit tricky because either the husband or the wife is not in the country when they are filing for the divorce. When one is filing for the divorce his or her spouse is either on a holiday to some other country but not in Singapore or may have left for work and any other reason. Now, to file a law suit for the divorce, the person needs to hire an International family lawyer who can help with the legal procedures as most of the general people doesn’t aware of the same. And especially in the cases of the international divorce there are many things to be established to complete the divorce procedure. The law and regulation of Singapore suggests that if someone wants to file for an International Divorce, then they must be the residents of the country or they must have been living in the country for last three years consecutively. Another thing that can be done that is if the couple has lived in the country of Singapore for three years in the past. So the divorce lawyer, first need to establish this thing and then only the court can further proceed with the case.

To make the things easy during the time of crisis you need to hire the top International Family Lawyers so that he or she can make the divorce procedures easy for you. When you hire them, it is their duty to establish the facts written above. As in Singapore, the family court only accepts cases of these kinds of divorces when you are either a resident or dwelling there for the above mentioned periods. Moreover, the divorce lawyer must take the confirmation from the court, that the case can be sorted or not in Singapore. As there are several times, these kinds of cases get rejected by the court. But when you have an experienced lawyer by your side, then the things can be smooth for you.

The lawyer himself files the case, helps you understand the procedures. If there is alimony involved in the divorce, then the lawyer make calculation for the fair amount of alimony. If there is child of the couple, then the custody of the child is also an issue and he or she also ensure that there is no probable threat towards his or her client due to this divorce.

About Author: Jamson Lim works for a top Expat Divorce firm in Singapore and has effectively handled foreigners divorce cases in Singapore. He mostly writes on topics like expat divorce eligibility, child custody, expat assets division and others.

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