What You Need To Know About Criminal Procedure In Singapore?

Posted on Mar 25, 2016 by Philip

Every country has their individual law and regulation according to which the offences are decided and the punishments are given. In Singapore, if you are found to be an accused person of any kind of crime then the criminal procedure code Singapore will be applicable on you. Whether you are guilty or not that is going to be decided in the court but when you are accused of the crime then you are going to be arrested by the police. The police may take you to the police station for interrogation and they may also search you and your properties. Then they may put you behind the bars and continue with the interrogation process further. All your belongings will be taken from you but there will be record of the same so that either your family member or you can take it back when you will be released. When you know that you are not guilty but accused for false charges of criminal nature then you must ask you family members to hire the Singapore top criminal lawyer who have the proper knowledge of the criminal procedure and cases so that he can set you free. 

The police can detain one accused person for maximum of 48 hours then either they need to present him in front of the court for further judgement or else he or she can get a bail out with the help of their Singapore top criminal lawyer. The bail is to ensure that the accused person will be there in the city only but not in the jail and whenever the police are going to call him or her, they will be present in the police station. But when you are in the custody on the police, they are going to take the DNA and the finger prints of yours so that they can proceed with the investigation. 

Then the investigation follows which may take few days or even can take number of years. You need to co-operate with the police during all the criminal procedure code Singapore, because if you don’t then that is going to go against you only. After the prolonged investigation or short investigation the accused person is presented before the court and then the trials and the proceeding continues till either the accused person is found to be actually guilty or the charges are false on him or her. Then the court takes its decision based on the reports of the investigation and the proofs presented by the lawyers.

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