How To Get The Custody Of Your Child?

Posted on Mar 26, 2016 by Henry

During a separation between the parents, it is one of the most important and vital decision that who will take the responsibilities of the child/children. The court in Singapore asks for the Proposed Parenting plan from the plaintiff and the Defendant when they file for their divorce to decide upon the Child Custody. So, when you are filing for your divorce, then you must hire the experienced Child Custody lawyer who can win you the custody of your child.


When the first step of the divorce is over then the court decides upon the ancillary matters and the child custody falls under the 2nd step only. If you and your spouse are having child/children below 21 years of age, then you need to produce the parenting plan for the child after the divorce to the court. You must mention how you can take care of the child in a better way than your spouse. The court takes time to decide upon this matter and normally provides the decision within three months.


Winning your child custody with the help of the Child Custody lawyer is obviously a matter to be happy but you need to be prepared for all the decisions and the responsibilities regarding his or her future. The court can grant four different kinds of Child Custody and they are:


Joint Custody- In this form of custody of your child, you and your spouse both are having the rights to take the decision for the betterment of the child and both shares the responsibilities related to the child equally.


Sole or Single Custody- Here, you or your spouse is having the custody all alone and the other partner is a non –custodial parent. The person who is having the custody has all the rights and the responsibilities towards the child.


Split Custody- When you and your spouse have more than one child, then maybe the court can order split custody. Though the chances of ordering the same is little less as most of the time parents don’t want to keep their child separated from their siblings. But if the circumstances is such that none of the parents can support or take the responsibilities of the children, then split custody is offered.


Hybrid Custody- In this type of custody, the non-custodial parent also has the right to take decision for the child in case the custodial parent asks for the same but that has to be for the betterment of the child. 


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