Steps Involved In A Divorce In Singapore

Posted on Mar 26, 2016 by Henry

In Singapore, the divorce process is of 2 steps the first one is the termination of the marriage and the second one is dealing with the ancillary matters. When you are going through a bad phase in your marital life then you must know how to do divorce, in case if your partner files for the same or there is such circumstances that you only need to file for the divorce. The process of the divorce starts with the filing of the divorce Writ and the person who files it is known as the Plaintiff and his spouse is known as the Defendant. When you are filing for the divorce you need to hire the family divorce lawyers who can guide you and take you through this process. After filing the case, the lawyer is going to send the Standard Queries forms to CPF and HDB Board.


The documents needed to be filed for the commencement of the divorce proceedings are the writ of Divorce, Statement of Particulars and the Statement of the Claim. Then if there is a child or children then you need to file the proposed parenting plan (if the child/children are below 21 years of age). Then there has to be the proposed matrimonial property plan if there is some property that needs to be divided between the couple. Then you need to file the Acknowledgement of Service documents and the Memorandum of Appearance. After the divorce write has been file, the court will make the defendant aware of the case and when the defendant comes to know about the case then he or she needs to appear before the court within 8 days. If not then the plaintiff can proceed with the trial matters. The defendant can contest the divorce and if not then the court can give an interim judgement based on the facts of the documents and the claims and then the final judgement will be provided after three months.


If you are not comfortable with the process of how to do divorce, then you can go for the mediation law and can settle the matter mutually. The top and the experienced family divorce lawyers can help you settle all the matters with the help of the mediation law. 


The second step is regarding the ancillary matters like the custody of the child, division assets etc. The court after checking all the documents related to the assets and the proposed parting plans etc. gives it decision within few months.



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