Hire The Top Law Firms In Singapore For Criminal Cases

Posted on Mar 26, 2016 by Philip

If you are a resident of Singapore or maybe you are living there for work you must always hire the top Singapore law firms for any cases that involve any kind of crime. As there is always the need for the experienced lawyers and lawyers with the best knowledge to set you free if you are actually not guilty. There are many circumstances in life which may occur that portray you as the guilty person but when you know that the crime is not done by you then you must take the help of the best criminal defense lawyer in the city

There are different categories of the criminal offences and they are Blue Collar Crimes, white Collar Crimes and others. The Blue collar Crimes in Singapore include any kind of Affray, Corruption, Bribery, Smuggling of Cigarette and tobacco in Singapore and outside, any kind of criminal Assault or forcing someone to do some crime, Intimidation which is criminal in nature, driving offenses, drink and drive cases and thereby any kind of accidents, braking someone’s house, Jaywalking and Littering on the public area, Molestation or the outrage of modesty, Rape, physical assault of the minor, Trespassing in someone’s property, assembly of people for unlawful purposes and the Aiding and Abetting. 

The white Collar Crimes in Singapore are infringement of the copyrights, breach of trust which is criminal in nature, forgery, patents infringements, insider trading, and evasion of the Income taxes by unlawful means. There is also money Laundering and the any kind of criminal ability which falls under the Companies Act of Singapore. The other crimes are like the defamation which is criminal in nature, cybercrimes, offences related to migration or immigration, crime related to the Juveniles, property disputes and thereby misappropriation, offences related to the Marriage, Drugs issues and misuse, MOM offences and Theft and burglary. 

So if you are found to be an accused person related to any of these above mentioned crimes but you know that you dint do the act then you must hire the best criminal defense lawyer for your defence. The top Singapore law firms have specialised lawyers who deal in separate categories of crime and have immense knowledge of the same and can set you free from the charges which are not meaningful. The Singapore government is very strict about their laws and regulations and that is why there is always the need for the knowledgeable lawyer who can handle your case well.

About Author:Philip Ben is a young law practioner and writes mostly on subjects related to criminal law in Singapore and criminal procedures code.


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