Things To Consider While Selecting The High Visibility Workwear

Posted on Mar 28, 2016 by Mario

There are few things which you need to consider while choosing the right high visibility Workwear for the employees and the workers you have on your site. Mostly these high visibility jackets are used in work places like construction areas/ sites, airports, manufacturing units where there are loads of employees and the area is so big that you need to identify the workers by the visibility of their clothes. So the factors you need to consider while selecting the high visibility Workwear are as follows.


Firstly, the high visibility jackets must be having pockets and you need to check the samples before ordering the same for the employees. The fitting of the jackets is another concern and you should look into the matter seriously. As the workers and the employees wear these jackets over their normal clothes, the jackets need to be little bigger than their actual size so that it can comfortable fit the workers body.


Secondly, the hi vis jacket must be water proof as the workers need to work in any kind of season be it rainy or winter. The hi vis jackets must be made of such material to protect the employees from dust of the site and the plants and other working area. The material must remain dry even after the rains and must not gather water inside it.<br><br>


Thirdly, hi viz Workwear must be used during the winters to protect the employees and the workers against the windy winters and it must help the workers to work comfortable by retaining the warmth inside the body. The hi viz Workwear must also work like the Fleece which can remain warm during the chilly winters to protect the person whose wearing it.


Fourthly, the material must be of such quality that it can resist everyday dirt and the pollution at the working site and also the everyday wear and tear of the same. It must also retain the clothes inside it in good quality so that no one has to clean them on regular basis.


Fifthly, the safety work wear must not be made of such material which can react with some of the chemicals in the working plant or the site or with any other substances. It is your duty to identify the best safety work wear for the employees to keep them safe at the working site.


The most common colours of the high viz workwear are fluorescent orange, yellow, blue and green.


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