How To Buy High Visibility Clothes Online?

Posted on Apr 06, 2016 by Mario

High visibility clothes are available in different types, standards, and colors. You should choose the one that is most appropriate to your work and everyday life.

Safety is the first thing that comes to mind while engaging in a high injury risk work or leisure activity. Thanks to online shopping world, hi viz work wear is accessible and available to customers conveniently and easily. Besides safety, high visibility clothes provide enhanced safety and comfort. Here are few tips to consider before visiting an online shop of high visibility work wear


Safety work-wear standards

High visibility clothing is available in intermediate protection and high protection. Intermediate protection standards cover clothing items with 2 to 5 cm bands of fluorescent material, 2 to 13 cm bands of retro reflective material. High protection standard clothing covers two bands measuring 8 cm of fluorescent material and two bands measuring 20 cm of retro reflective material. High protection items are suitable for high injury risk work areas. High visibility safety work wear is also suitable during long bike trips, when visibility is smaller and the risk of accidents or injury is larger.


Choosing the right high visibility safety wear

Selection of Hi Vis clothing should be based on one’s personal needs and requirements. Like, Hi Vis shirts are best fit for people that love to enjoy leisure activities outdoors while Hi Vis jacket is suitable for people working in injury risk areas. The best advantage of wearing high visibility clothing is double protection from outside elements and mishaps. High visibility clothing can be anything from a safety vest to high visibility jacket. These high visibility clothes are easy to wear and can be easily put up when you need to go.


Brightly pastel colored Hi Vis clothes are gaining more and more popularity. They have nothing to do with fashion trends. These high vis jackets are getting popular because of their enhanced safety levels. The brighter colors are easy to spot in dark and especially when you’re working in spot of lights. These colors increase the level of safety that you get from high visibility clothes. The best high visibility protective colors are yellow, green and orange. 


So, if you’re looking to shop high visibility work wear online, carefully decide the size of protective items that you wish to purchase. Selecting the right size in line with type of high visibility wear that you wish to buy and in line with the size of clothes that you are actually wearing is required. To feel more comfortable, high visibility jackets, shirts should have one size larger than your normal clothes.


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