What You Need To Know About Annulment in Singapore?

Posted on Apr 07, 2016 by Jason

Annulment is a law process where you are granted separation from your spouse and also get back your previous marital status. 


The word Annulment is a legal term which is used to refer a marriage as void and the couple can get back their individuality and can live the life as they used to before this marriage. There are circumstances in life where the marriages from the beginning doesn’t work and it such situation it is always better to get separated rather spoiling each other’s life till the end. Annulment is a legal process is which done to declare the marriage between two person as null and void. The couple can take the help of this procedure to make their marriages void from the beginning to get their original status back. So, in case you are going to apply for the annulment in Singapore and after the execution of the procedure you are free from the marriage as well as you can regard yourself as the person with the same marital status that you has before this marriage. If this was your first marriage then you are going to be regarded as single after the annulment in Singapore. It is simply making the marriage as invalid as if it had never occurred in reality. Though it is according to the law that your marriage is invalid and void and never existed even in the past, in a way it is also going to give you a level of satisfaction when you are not regarded as separated or divorced.


In the annulment procedure, there is no need to have a marriage of atleast three years for applying for the annulment. If the marriage is not working well in the first year also you can apply for it with the help of the annulment lawyers who knows the legal procedure well and can get you through the procedure smoothly. With the help of the annulment lawyers you need to present the ‘Writ Of Nullity’ before the court within a specified time period.


There are various situations when the court grants your request for annulment some of them are like if your spouse was already married at the time when you two got married, then if your spouse and you mutually decide to end the marriage, then if you had never accepted the marriage or the marriage was against your will. Then it may be your spouse is having some medical issues related to the STD during the marriage or may be your spouse is carrying someone else’s child and is pregnant.


About Author: Jason, is a law student, currently working with one of the International law firms in Singapore. He is now writing on topic related to legal separation agreement in Singapore.


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