Know The Criminal Procedure Code Of Singapore

Posted on Apr 08, 2016 by Philip

If you are living in Singapore then you must know the criminal procedure code and rules of the country as there may be some adverse situation where you need to know about the same. And as a responsible citizen also you must know the overall criminal procedure code Singapore in case it is applicable on you or your friends. As each and every country has their own sets of rule and regulations which the citizen has to follow the court and the police stations also have some procedures and code of conduct when dealing in a case. Mostly, when one is accused of something criminal in nature then the first thing that the country police do in Singapore is that they arrest him or her. Then the interrogation starts at the police station. The punishments and the offences are also decided according to the criminal procedure code like which kind of crime the accused has done or what kind of charges to be put on him or her etc.

When someone is arrested because of some criminal charges then all the belongings of that person is taken and submitted at the police station and there is a person who keeps the record of such items. Then the accused is allowed to inform his or her family members. The family members must appoint some Singapore top criminal lawyer if they believe that the accused person is really not guilty. The tricky cases are indeed when the accused ones are not guilty but portrayed as the guilty person and then the family members of that person need to get the best lawyers with handful years of experience and vast knowledge to set the accused person actually free. 

After taking the accused in the custody the interrogation begins and the accused person can be only detained in the police station for not more than forty eight hours and the police has to submit him before the honourable court according to the criminal procedure code Singapore. The accused can also get a bail with the help of his lawyer. Though obtaining a bail is not that the accused is totally free it is just that he or she will be in the city only and without permission from the police station and the court they can’t leave the city. The forensic tests are done when the accused was arrested at the beginning so the process of interrogation and investigation continues and accordingly the case proceeds.

About Author:Philip Ben is a young law practioner and works in top Singapore law firm in Singapore. He is currently writing on subjects related to criminal law in Singapore.


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