Hire The Right Lawyer For Your Criminal Case

Posted on Apr 12, 2016 by Philip

It is natural that the top and the experienced criminal lawyers can fight for you in the right way when you are not guilty but your opponents are trying to portray you as the culprit. But the selection of the lawyer is in your hand so to get out of the bars you need to choose the right and the best criminal defense lawyer in Singapore. There are various top Singapore law firms and individual lawyers who practice on their own but you need to have a rough idea which one can be the best and if you don’t know then consult your friends and the colleagues if they know or else just search the internet to go through the reviews of the different top Singapore law firms and also the lawyers who do separate practice. The knowledge of winning the tricky cases doesn’t comes from reading the books but from the real life experience and that is why you need to have an experienced lawyers for your case if you really want to free yourself or your close one who have been arrested. 

There are three different categories under which the criminal cases are segregated and so you need to choose the best criminal defense lawyer according to the case. Firstly, there are the Blue Collar criminal charges which includes the corruption, smuggling, affray of various kinds, smuggling of tobacco products, assault of criminal nature and forcing someone else to make crime, criminal Intimidation, drinking and driving and accidents related to that, littering in the area which is public property, trespassing or breaking in to someone else’s house for burglary, rape and molestation of the women and also any kind of physical assault and if there is any illegal assembly for some illegal purpose along with Aiding and Abetting. Even bribing someone for some illegal work or getting your work done is categorised under this segment.

Secondly, the white collar crimes are the infringement of the patents or the copyrights, breach of contract and the trust which is related to some criminal activity, insider trading and the forgery, evasion of taxes and money laundering and other sort of such activities which are criminal according to the Companies Act in Singapore. 

Thirdly, the category of other crimes includes cyber theft, criminal immigration or unlawful migration, defamation of criminal sort, juvenile crimes, marriage related crimes, drug issues etc. So, you need to be careful about the selection, make a thorough research and hire top Singapore law firm which has expertise in the area which should be based on the areas that he or she looks into.

About Author:Philip Ben is a young law practioner and works under top criminal defense attorney in Singapore. He is currently writing on subjects related to criminal law in Singapore.


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