Things You Need To Know About Child Custody

Posted on Apr 13, 2016 by Jamson

When you become a parent to a child then you always try to keep the marriage between you and your spouse intact and a happy one to give the child a better future. But there are circumstances in life when you have to separate from your partner due to certain reasons. It is very important for the child to have both the parent for the proper care and maintenance and for the right upbringing. But there are children who don’t even have one parent. So when you are thinking of separating from your spouse then you must think of the child upbringing first and according to that the child custody. If you are enough sure to give the proper care and the upbringing and the things that he or she want in life beside providing the necessities like home, food and a proper education then you can apply for the child custody to the court with the help of the Child Custody lawyer

The court has different criteria that you need to fulfil to have the custody of the child. The court checks that will you be able to provide the above mentioned things to him or her or not. Then if the court is satisfied with your proposal then you may get the child custody. You need the help of the Child Custody lawyer to file the proposal for your child custody. As there are certain things you may not understand and there are legal rules and regulations that you need to follow. So, it is always beneficial to make the proposal with the help of an experienced lawyer.

There are four types of custody that you might be offered. They are sole or single custody where the custodial parent only has the right of making the decision for the child. Hybrid custody is where both the parents can jointly take the decision for the child’s future benefits but there is custodial parent and other one is non custodial. Joint custody is something where both of them are having the custody and lastly if there is more than one child, the court may order split custody. 

The child relocation is a process when you relocate with your child to different city after separation from your spouse. The court needs to accept the proposal for the child relocation and if the court is satisfied that the relocation is for the benefit of the child then only it allows the same.

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