Top Tips for Writing a Tender Proposal

Posted on Apr 24, 2016 by Kelvin

1. Answer the inquiry 


It may sound self-evident – yet you'd be shocked at what number of individuals don't do it! With formal tenders, particularly to government associations, it's likewise essential to answer the inquiries in the particular request (and numbering tradition) that they are asked in. Numerous tenders neglect to do this and miracle why they are never shortlisted or chose. 


2. Keep it smart 


Your prospect will in all likelihood be perusing more than one delicate or proposition. Yours will emerge on the off chance that they don't need to peruse through bunches of verbose waffle. So cut it out. For instance: 


Keeping in mind the end goal to… rather use… To 


An extensive variety of… rather utilize… Many 


For the reason that… rather utilize… Because, Since 


With the end goal of… rather use… To 


3. Get dynamic 


The dynamic voice is more concise and direct than the detached voice, and generally works best in tenders and recommendations. The voice of a verb lets us know whether the subject is doing the activity (dynamic) or whether something is being done to it (latent). For instance: 




We are presenting our delicate. 


Rosemary is expounding on tendering. 




This delicate is being put together by… 


This article around tendering was composed by Rosemary. 


4. Keep it individual 


On the off chance that you need your delicate to pull in consideration, keep the emphasis on your prospect. Start however many passages as could reasonably be expected with their name, and utilize "you" and "your" to customize your delicate. 


5. What's in it for me? 


Basically, all that your prospect truly needs to know is the thing that they will pick up by selecting you – so let them know! Highlight how your aptitudes, information or experience or what you propose will advantage their business or association. Each time you create an impression about your business or its administration or items, place yourself in your prospect's shoes and ask yourself, "By what means will I profit by this?" 


6. Demonstrate it 


Maintain a strategic distance from cases, for example, "we are the main/speediest/best esteem supplier of… " unless you have hard proof to demonstrate it. Use cites from the media or upbeat customers, or recompense wins or great overview results to go down what you say. 


7. Give incredible samples 


Give particular – yet short and punchy – cases of how your organization has any kind of effect to its customers. Smaller than normal contextual investigations are an awesome approach to have an effect. Give particular, authentic proof (or even testimonials) indicating how you have helped a customer to spare time or cash, or how you contrived an imaginative answer for a customer's issue. 


8. Make it look great 


Tenders that are well laid out are outwardly engaging and simple to peruse. Use headings, sub-headings, photographs, charts, illustrations and white space. In the event that you are tendering for undertaking work, incorporate a timetable or a venture administration arrangement. 


9. Refresh their memory 


On the off chance that your delicate or proposition is to a current customer, remind them the amount you have accomplished together as such, every one of the issues you have determined for them, or the additional worth you've given at no expense. Depict the advantages of keeping on utilizing your administration or item (e.g. they will keep away from change, or they will keep on benefitting from your personal learning of their business). 


10. Make it mistake free 


Discover an associate, or pay an expert, to edit your last draft. While a word-immaculate delicate won't win you focuses alone, one with grammatical mistakes could positively cost you. Require significant investment to check each word, keeping in mind you're grinding away, check you've addressed all the inquiries organized appropriately, and that you've met every one of the necessities for lodgement and connections.

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