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Posted on Jun 02, 2015 by ARPistol

Pistol Grip is the part of the system that is held by hand and situates the hand in forward, vertical introduction, similar to a position that would bring with a traditional pistol. It is really an important part of any firearm. It is usually used in every firearm taking from pistol to any AR rifle and shotgun for making good grip while shooting at high precision. Some peoples also use Pistol grip on their camera tripod stand and other similar asset. One of the reasons the pistol grip style is so common in machinery is because it is possible to ergonomically position the operating controls.


In Past, shooters were taught to utilize the bladed position and a high elbow. They have standard pistol grip on their AR rifle, which doesn’t give up the perfect grip that the shooter want, as a result they can’t shoot at their perfect spot.


But at Present, firearm is upgraded drastically with modern equipment and advanced experiment. Body covering, Pistol Grip and upgraded comprehension on AR 10/15 rifle makes out the perfect weapon in shooting arena.


With the advancement in AR Pistol grip the shooter get advantage in aiming, the AR pistol grip is the most intimate gripping surface of the AR rifle and has spawned a huge breadth of options to serve the comfort and efficiency interests of all shooters.



Ø  There are various types of Pistol grips:

1)          Ergonomic Pistol Grip

2)          Ergonomic Pistol Grip with Finger Grooves

3)          Rubberized Ergonomic Pistol grip

4)          Interchangeable Pistol Grip

5)          Pistol Grip Enhanced Polymer



1)      Ergonomic Pistol Grip :


The AR 15 Ergonomic Pistol Grip enhances grip control, reduces slipping and wrist fatigue, and improves trigger operation and overall control during firing sequences. With storage compartment with tightly hinged door will give over all advantage to the pistol grip. The small compartment in the base of MAG415 BLK is used for small item storage like batteries. It replaces the original standard grip with many modifications in a very comfort way for the users.


2)      Ergonomic Pistol Grip with Finger  Grooves :


MAG415 FDE Ergonomic Pistol grips developed from a solid fiberglass and afterward deeply over molded with delicate elastic for Magpul celebrated tough, agreeable and secure hold. Fits guns with standard right hand securities just, won't fit guns with an able to use both hands wellbeing. Highlights a cobblestone completion, finger furrows and double palm swells.


3)      Rubberized Ergonomic Pistol grip :


The Magpul MOE AR pistol grip is the most recent expansion to our line of AR Pistol Grips including State-of-the Art Multi-Textured Rubber, improving your grasp experience. Fused into its outline, is the unrivaled shape of its ancestor, including significantly more solace and fitting ventilation required in amazing warmth and wet situations, issuing you the edge you require in the field or at the reach



4)      Interchangeable Pistol Grip :


The Magpul Miad Mag512-blk AR single handed grip with exchangeable front and back straps gives a blend of fit and capacity unequaled by the initially supplied AR10/AR15/Mag438/Mag415 single handed grip. Textured finger swells and back straps permit the client to custom fit the hold to their own particular hand size and solace. A safe watertight stockpiling compartment with adjustable stockpiling sled and a snappy access tab lessens all clatter.



Ø  Advantage of Pistol Grips:


·         Pistol grip diminishes a shotgun length furthermore you don't have to bring your elbow as up in conventional shooting position which is utilized with stock. It will be much simpler for you to move in a house, stairs, around corners and so on with a shotgun which has a Pistol grip installed

·         It will be much easier to find the safety button with a pistol grip.

·         It will be much easier to hold your shotgun for a long time [if you have a pistol grip], your hands will not get tired as it do with traditional grips.


·         Pistol Grips allows you to have your hands close to your body and reduces Lineation. 



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