Have A Look Over Eligibility For Annulment Of Marriage In Singapore

Posted on Apr 27, 2016 by Jason

Annulment is an alternative option after divorce to end up marriage, let us study few conditions where annulment of marriage is possible.

If you want to end your marriage, there are two options available namely divorce and annulment in Singapore. A person cannot apply for divorce until three years have been passed after date of marriage. However in few critical conditions of extremely hard situation, application for divorce can be given. An alternate option of annulment of marriage is available for person looking for ending up their marriage.

Conditions for Annulment of Marriage in Singapore

A marriage can be annulled when it is void or voidable in front of law. Annulment of marriage in Singapore is possible when marriage is rendered either void or voidable. Both conditions are explained below-

Void Marriages

Void marriage is legally not valid or void since beginning, fulfilling the condition of nullity. Either party can apply for annulment of marriage in Singapore. Few examples of void marriages are explained below-

  • When in marriage, spouse is underage and less than eighteen years who marries without any license can be rendered as void ab initio. There is special marriage license grant issues for minor people under section 21 of Women’s charter. It is essential to obtain this certificate of grant prior to marriage to avoid nullity of marriage contract. 

  • When a marriage is not between two different genders, i.e. male and female, it may be considered as void. 

  • When a marriage is done between close relations, a special certificate is required for gaining special grant. In case absence of such certificate, marriage can be rendered as void. 

  • In case when a spouse is already a married person, marriage can be rendered as void-ab–initio.

  • When a marriage has not been duly registered by a licensed and authorized registrar with at least two witnesses, it can be rendered as void marriage.

  • In case when marriage has been committed outside country where law was not applicable, it can be rendered as invalid or void.

 Voidable Marriages

Voidable marriage is valid till its annulment done in court. Annulment of marriage require to prove it null in front of court. Section 106 of Women charter sets provide exhaustive list for certain situations where a marriage can be rendered as voidable. International law firms in Singapore offer their reliable legal services for sooner annulment of marriage with their good knowledge of marriage law. Some of the conditions where annulment of marriage is rendered voidable are as follows-

 Marriage can be rendered as voidable when either party is unable to consummate. Both parties are equally viable for applying annual of marriage.

In case any one party refuses to consummate by will, he or she cannot apply for annulment of marriage. Only opposite party is eligible for application of annulment.

When either party of marriage does not provided valid consent for marriage i.e. consent for marriage has been given under pressure, consent has been given by mistake or a person was suffering from mental disorder while giving consent, marriage can be rendered as voidable. Either party can apply for annulment of marriage within three years of date of marriage.

About Author: Jason is a law student, currently working with one of the International law firms in Singapore. He is now writing on topic related to annulment in singapore.


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