Divorce Mediation Services for Resolving Divorce Issues

Posted on Apr 27, 2016 by Jason

Divorce is one of the critical stage of life of person, let us see how divorce mediation can help in resolving divorce issues.

Divorce mediation means a negotiation for divorce settlement. In this process, both parties and their respective lawyers hire a neutral third party, acting as mediator for making efforts for resolving issues of divorce. Mediator is one who suggest best possible solutions for resolving issues arising in divorce and offering best remedy. Mediation is always an option available for people involved in divorce case. Mediation is acceptable for all types of couple involved in the case and large number of benefits as mentioned below-

  • Mediation process is quite inexpensive as compared to court trial and long series of hearings.

  • In most of the cases, mediation usually end in positive results in solving all issues of divorce.

  • Mediation is usually kept confidential and no session is recorded in documents.

  • People are able to easily arrive at resolution made on basis of some ideas that are fair in specific situation rather than solutions forcefully imposed on you rigidly and are not less reliable legal practices. 

  • People are still free to hire lawyer even after hiring mediator.

  • Mediation process in court is just a means for increasing communication between two parties and helping them to reduce chances of large number of conflicts.

Divorce mediation involve both parties and their children, if any. In mediation process, both parties and neutral party as well as mediator. Mediator can easily resolve all sort of issues in cost effective methods. Various sort of issues covered in process of mediation are distribution of property (Assets/Liabilities), parenting time, child maintenance, child custody retirement as well as taxes etc.

Agreement can be either easy or difficult to handle requiring lot of time to handle. In case when agreements are very hard to solve, interference of mediator is required for its easy solution. It is expected from family court mediation service to suggest their brainstorming remedial solutions and enhance communication lines among both parties of divorce. Lack of communication can form prime reason for divorce and also so may create lot of issues arising in divorce. However mediator may help a lot to enhance communication among couple in best possible manner. It helps a lot in decision making within shortest possible time. Mediators should be flexible enough for solving different kind of divorce issues for various couples.

Divorce resolution Singapore usually take help of mediator for sorting out their divorce case. Mediator prevent couple to deviate from right path and thus wastage of time. Length of divorce mediation period may depend on the complication of divorce case. Mediation prior to divorce generally take four to five sessions on average. 

About Author: Jason, is a law student, currently working with one of the International law firms in Singapore. He is curently writing on topic related to marriage reconciliation agreement in Singapore.

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