Online Facility For Will Preparation With E-Will Draft Services

Posted on Apr 29, 2016 by Jason

Online E-will draft Services have simplified process of will drafting, have a look over it.

Making a will online is a simple and inexpensive process which is important for succession perspective for preventing disputes occurring within family. Presence of e-will service has simplified the whole process of e-will writing. It is easy to get online will forms from website of e-will service provider and fill it.

E-will drafting Process

Customer looking to draft a will should first login the website of e-will service provider and then read necessary instructions given in the prescribed format. Information given in website is transferred to legal expert hired for drafting will and then sent to your door. Due to online will writing, it is easy to complete whole process with lot of convenience. Additional benefits of using online e-draft methods are facility of saving drafts, multiple attempts and option of drafting will from any place.

Different cases possess different requirement for different community regarding will writing. E-will service provider usually follows succession act for different religions and communities of customers. There are specialised lawyers who work in this field for serving different customers of various backgrounds. E-will not only consider physical assets of person but also allows digital and intellectual properties of a person. After submission of all service provider, a rough draft is sent you. 

There should be complete assurance of all ambiguities and less space for any sort of misunderstanding. In case of any mistake found in will, there is scope of editing in it at last moment. After editing, one simply has to upload the edited will and sent the same to company after all corrections are done. In case loss of original draft, it is possible to refill form again. Other additional services offered for will draft which are not mandatory are registration and appointment of executor for implementation of process. 

Maintenance of Secrecy of E-Will Draft

E-will drafting process is absolutely secure process and there are negligible chances of leakage of any information. Secret information of clients are usually encrypted with security codes and are completely secured. Information given by client are deleted at once and is not forwarded further. E-will draft require clients to disclose his/her most sensitive information and thus it is also essential to maintain its secrecy.

What is Cost of E-Drafting?


E-will services are usually launched for promoting online will preparation which comparatively easier than traditional way of will preparation. Lawyer charges usually minimum twenty thousand rupees for will preparation. Only in extreme cases, lawyer’s services are hired. Mostly people prefer to prepare will by their own with e-will draft facility.

About Author: Jason, is a law student, currently working with one of the International law firms in Singapore. He is curently writing on topic related to making a will online in Singapore. 


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