Everything You Need to Know about Colocation for Small Business

Posted on Jul 28, 2016 by Luis

Many business owners think that only huge enterprises need colocation service. But this view is actually very outdated. Internet has connected our world in a way that we never imagine before and it impacts small business as well. Excellent data storage and reliable server are necessary to improve your business and to connect you with your clients. If you don’t develop your data and technology infrastructure to the fullest, you are missing out on something really big. Investing your money to rent a space in data center facility is a good way to take your new business to the next level. To help you make your decision, here are some things you need to know about data center for small business.

Tier 1 or 2 Will is the Best for Your Budget

Data center company needs to be certified to determine its service and capability. Tier 1 is the most standard while Tier 4 provides the best service with the less downtime. The better the service is, the more expensive the renting cost will be. For small business that doesn’t require perfect redundancy, Tier 1 or 2 will be more than enough. Tier 1 has less than 29 hours downtime per year with no redundancy while Tier 2 has 22 hours downtime with limited redundancy. But if you think your business will grow rapidly, it is best to invest your money for Tier 3 data center so you don’t have to move your hardware and infrastructure when you need better colo plan.

More Stable and Reliable Service

Colo is definitely more costly than standard web hosting. But you will get more benefits since you can access your physical server so you can have full control of it. You will be sharing the bandwidth with the provider so you can get more bandwidth with faster speed. You also don’t have to worry about power outage since the data center company definitely has backup generator and risk and disaster mitigation that will keep your infrastructure safe.

Cost Effective

Renting a space in data center facility is more cost effective because you only need to provide your hardware and server machine, and then the facility will provide the additional equipment for a price. If you don’t have the necessary hardware or server machine, you don’t have to worry since you can rent them as well from the data center company. The renting cost will be more expensive but you also don’t have to spend your money on exorbitant initial cost.


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