SEO Link Building Techniques for 2016

Posted on Aug 02, 2016 by Aini


If you are a new comer to SEO then start with your kith and kin first. Think about your relatives, colleagues and friends and even clients who have a site. Now ask for backlinks which comes from website that is relevant to your niche otherwise the results will not be impeccable.


You need to build good relationships with your customers for good link building. There are different ways to start with. You can start with niche related friends, communities, blogs and social groups.

Start contributing with interesting comments and posts. Once you started participating actively in these online communities focused on your niche, you will get some good backlinks but keep updated yourself with the newest industry news so that you can connect interesting people who share your passion.


Try your best to build your trust with customers because many businesses offer chance to speak about your experience. This is a good way to achieve potential customers and backlinks from that site. That site will have high approval rate than your standard link request e-mails. Contact is another kind of evidence to get traffic and backlinks.

Start Blogging

Start with too many blogs, posts and backlinks to our site. If you don’t you not only waste your time, but probably create another risky link for yourself. Your blog should be lively and make others feel passionate.

Be regular in posting to your site. Focus on your niche and clients; you will gain authority with the passage of time. Your content must be relevant and well structured. In this way you will ensure that the customers will link to you repeatedly. That’s how you get backlinks.

Trustworthy Directories

Your site should be listed to the trustworthy directories because Google has already excluded some of the sites from its search results. Try to list your site to the directory where you have the chance to post a link to your website, but it should also provide the useful information about your potential customers. That is the directory you should be listed on.

Be relevant is the key to a new page rank, therefore niche directories attached to your websites for a particular industry is a good choice. In this way you going to get indexed with major search engines and helps people find you online.

There is an open directory project named Dmoz. This is the biggest human edited directory of the web.

Write best guest post

You can publish your article on various blogs and sites, but before you write an article you should consider that the website or blog is relevant to your topic. The article should focus on quality and interest of the people otherwise; your article will leave a bad reputation.

Build your business through the links for your customers and make the links relevant with content. Google will keep you in the search results and you will grow your business.

Besides, you research your competitors to get lead in the market. You will probably notice that they have common backlinks than yours. Try to get those backlinks using CBLT (common backlink tool).

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