Issues Related To Food Security & Hygiene That Matters

Posted on Aug 11, 2016 by Warren

Food is the main source of our energy and without it surviving any longer more than five days is almost impossible for everyone. So consuming the staple food is our daily routine and we cannot afford to miss our food as well as some other valuable food products even for a day. Food is the reason we are growing and developing slowly & suddenly. So maintaining food hygiene standards is extremely vital for any food producing company besides producing food in a massive way and that is why there are various food safety & hygiene courses that are based upon current UK and US legislation. The crucial food defense legislation involving food production & handling in countries like UK & US is always changing and evolving that means making upgrades and amendments from time to time.

Recently the government had introduced the ‘Food Hygiene Regulations Act’ that is also famously known as ‘HACCP’ that is more or less is the extended version of the legislation that was passed in the year of 1995. Previous version of the legislation required all food handlers to be supervised, instructed and trained in food safety & hygiene that matters to a appreciating level of their job. While the upgraded version of the act states this as well as two new additional & crucial inclusions such as:
1) Food Safety Management must be implemented in all food producing plants and records must be kept and maintained properly to show that owners of these plants are complying with all the legal regulations.
2) These food companies and businesses must do everything in their hand to identify and take all crucial and critical steps to ensure food safety as well as adequate procedures that are identified, implemented, maintained as well as reviewed using HACCP principles. Sometimes, even food safety consulting services help these companies in their endeavour in maintaining as well as complying all the rules and principles.

Now whenever these rules & principles are broken or any kind of ignorance or negligence is shown from the side of food producers by not implementing HACCP principles or not conducting food safety auditing on a timely basis in order to maintain the safety & quality of food will directly amount to a federal offence and these owners have to compensate authorities by giving out legal large fines as well as prison sentences in case the crime is more serious in such cases that involves overall safety of the people. These are not the only punishments that these owners are going to get, things can get as worse as getting the entire company can be blacklisted, if it is found that offences are more regular and serious whenever the name of the company arises in the list of worst offences  in the food sector. In such cases, company will just loose the immense trust that the public has given during its popularity in the sector. Such offences really tarnish the image of the food company in the eyes of general public, clients, share holders, who have invested immense faith & money in this particular company. In all such possible scenarios, tainted food companies can go bankrupt overnight. Thus abiding the principles and laws is only the safest possible that can help a food company to thrive forward.

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