Uses & Benefits of Aluminum Extrusion with Its Properties & Characteristics

Posted on Aug 11, 2016 by Roger

We know about metals like Iron, zinc, copper, gold as well as uranium etc. Aluminum is also one of them and it is all around us. In fact, it is the third most abundant element and metal in the earth’s crust. So it is truly all around you. However, this metal is omnipresent in our lives more than just the logic that’s it’s an abundant material. When this metal is compared to materials like copper and steel, then it can be said that the use of aluminum is relatively recent. So aluminum extrusion is a highly flexible & adaptable metal forming process that allows designers & engineers to take full advantage of the physical characteristics aluminum materials can offer, whereas every other metal can copy some of its benefits due to the procedure of this extrusion.

The key reasons why aluminum extrusions are so popular and famous because aluminum oriented metals weigh less by volume rather than other metals. In fact, it can weigh as little as one third as much as iron, steel and brass. In view of the fact that it is so much lighter, it is naturally easier to handle & less expensive for the shipment. This particular physical characteristic also makes it more attractive for applications in fields where minimizing the weight is necessary to be used in aerospace as well as in high rise construction projects. The second most vital benefit is that profiles such as aluminum metals are excessively strong. During an ongoing extrusion process aluminum metal can be made as strong as possible for most applications. It is specifically true in the case of cold-weather applications because aluminum actually become very stronger as the temperature falls. These aluminum metals are also well protected by its naturally stirring oxide film. This shield or layer of protection ensures that aluminum materials will provide excellent anti-corrosion resistance & is not going to rust so easily. Added extra protection by the help and assistance via anodizing are capable of even offer even greater resistance to corrosion.

So by the way, some people might be wondering with thoughts such as what aluminum extrusion is and what the benefits of such process? As far as the answer to the question related to the benefits of aluminum extrusion is concerned, it has been explained above in detail. Now it is time to know about aluminum extrusion in great detail. It is a process through which aluminum is given definite shapes and forms. It starts with hot cylindrical billet of aluminum that is pushed through shaped die. The cylindrical base is cut from DC cast log and positioned in a heated container of five hundred degree Celsius. Now as the log passes, it creates a section that helps in cutting the log’s length long or short. The section is cut according to the customized demands of the clients since such types of logs are meant to be used in any specific industry.  In such type of process, only wide section sized extrusions are created. Yet again it depends upon the demands of the supplier that requires the extruder to increase the amounts of aluminum extruded through the procedure of extrusion.

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