How To Protect Your Basement Against Toronto Basement Flooding

Posted on Aug 24, 2016 by Maxim

The thought of your finished basement turning into a soggy, destroyed mess certainly does not sound appealing. You do not want your home to become damaged because of flood damage - especially if this damage could have easily been prevented. The professionals will even tell you that unless your basement has some flood prevention options, it is not truly 'finished.' These are a few of the best ways to help you secure your basement.


Option #1 – Gutters And Downspouts

You want to make sure that downspouts are pointed away from the foundation and that your gutters are free of debris. The ultimate goal behind a drain storm is that they move the water away from your home at least three feet. If needed, it is a good idea to use troughs or extensions.


Option #2 – Check For Foundation Cracks

You want to make sure that you check the walls and floors of your basement, as well as the exterior foundation of your home. Fill in any foundation cracks with epoxy and call someone who knows what they are doing if you see warning signs in the foundation.


Option #3 – Set Up Sump Pumps

Make sure that your sump pump is free of debris if you have a below-grade sump pump. If you have a portable pump instead, make sure that it is placed in the lowest part of your basement. Also, make sure that you connect your sump pump to a power source; otherwise it is not going to do anything.


Option #4 – Clean Your Septic Tank And Inspect Your Sewer

 It is a good idea to address these issues before fall and winter. Overtaxed septic tanks in combination with clogged sewers (because of heavy rainfall later in the year) are just disasters waiting to happen.


Option #5 – Install A Backwater Valve

If the thought of raw sewage sounds unappealing (as it does for most of us), it is a good idea to install a backwater valve in your basement. Imagine Toronto basement flooding, now imagine if the water is actual sewage! Not a pleasant idea. A backwater valve is going to prevent this problem from occurring.


There are many different steps that you can take to ensure that you do not have issues with Toronto basement flooding. If you want to make sure that your problems are resolved for good, make sure that you have any installations and repairs done by professionals such as those found at Dr. Pipe Drain and Plumbing Services.

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