The Magnificent Seven - movie of 2016

Posted on Sep 06, 2016 by Alice

We offer you the film The Magnificent Seven 

For lovers of Western movies, movement and action films, offer you a movie Action and delight US next, The the Magnificent Seven is a translator. This picture is a model of the story of another picture Western was made in 1960 with the same name, which was consequently an extension of a Japanese film called "Seven Samurai" was made in 1954. The events revolve The magnificent Seven 2016 interpreter around the village , "Rose Creek" placed under siege from pre - industrial "Bartholomew spore", the villagers ask for help from seven people from outlaws. Hunter led the prizes "Sam Chesolm" to protect them while preparing for a violent confrontation sudden, but immediately after the interview the town 's citizenry, locate themselves seven squabble over what's considerably more than cash. Don't miss the chance to view the film The Seven is the Spectacular .

The Magnificent Seven picture 2016 translator of the tournament , "Denzel Washington "in the character (Sam Chesolm) Hunter prizes and leader of the group, and" Chris Pratt , "in the character (Josh Faraday) gambler and lover of bombings, and" Ethan Hawke "in the role (Goodnight Ropi_o) sniper skilled, and" Vincent de uno Frio "in the character of (Jack Horney) tailed, and "Byung - hun Lee , " in the role (Billy Rocks) incest, and "Manuel Garcia Ralfo" in the role (Vazquez) Mexican outlaw, and "Martin Sansmir" in the role of (Red Harvest) famous warrior Comanche . Do not hesitate and watched The Magnificent Seven On-Line interpreter.

The date of the Action film The Magnificent Seven translator On-Line

I've been an appointment for the movie 's launch in the thirteenth of January 2017. But in August 2015, the company "Sony Pictures Entertainment" alter the launching date of the film The Magnificent Seven total movie translator in the collection of theatres and cinemas to be in the twenty - third of September 2016. all this and more you find you find on our site there is no need to wait, and see the Magnificent Seven on-line translator.

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