Special Need Vehicles For Disabled People Cater A Smooth Movement

Posted on Sep 14, 2016 by Ghassan M.

Vehicle transferringa sick person does has a unique name which was coined as ambulance. The significance of this medical cartcan never be underestimated.Whether it is a disaster, casualty or any other medical emergencies’, we tend to dial their number before giving a second thought. Consequently, good ambulance services are one indispensable requirement of the society as movement of the patients take place at daily basis.

However, the traditional old ambulance does make the patient uncomfortable and uneasy to travel, especially when we are talking about our loved ones who are on the wheel chair. Sometimes due to unstable movement their condition tends to degrade. As a matter of fact, an ambulance does not only move the patient from one place to another but all serves as a linking point between the emergency spot and the hospital. Ultimately, it becomes a responsibility to make every possible attempt keep the condition of the patient stable and safe throughout the journey.

Although, improved and modern ambulance have made the movement very much easier these days. Not only hospitals but many big and small companies have come up with manufacturing different varieties of ambulances. These include special need vehicles that have been designed for disabled people. It is unavoidable fact that physically unfit experience troubled and painful travelling. As considered to make them comfortable, many innovative schemes have been adapted during the designing. This includes lowering of the platform that enables smooth in and out movement. In addition to it the roof of these vehicles are also made quite high.

Impressively, a unique adaptation of car conversion,converts car into multiple purpose van.Particularly, powered rotation and backup system along with swivel car seat lift that can be raised and lowered according to the convenience of the patient. These vehicles include sedan, minibuses, vans, SUVs or MPVs which are EMC and crashed test approved. There is always easy operation in case of any emergency.Along with these changes, the vehicle has also utilized the space for accommodating stretchers and beds. Likewise, there are enough room for adjusting people accompanying the patients too.
Furthermore, these medical vans are manufactured under different categories depending upon the usage as per the demand of the situation. They can be placed under the groups as follows:
1. Basic Life Support transportation
2. Critical Care transportation
3. Neonatal Intensive Care transportation
4. Pediatric Team Ambulance transportation
5. Stretcher Van facilities or Wheelchair

All of the above types serve very crucial role while being on the move. Completely armed with all type of life savior equipment along with qualified medical staff.Moreover, along with patients these automobiles also transport different medical and hospital equipments like first aid, stretchers, resuscitation, immobilization, restraint system as well as diagnostic system too.

They are specially framed in serving medical issues on the way such as mobile blood vans. These vans can be utilized as blood gathering or testing center as they are equipped withall suitable elements like medical instruments and storage container which can be used for maintaining a suitable condition and temperature.Similar is the case when one wants to opt for utilizing it for a dental or health checkup center. Attached bathroom, washbasin, an ultrasonic cleaning mechanism, stretchers and beds enable to run any campaign more smoothly.

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