Ion Plasma Nitriding Is All About Enhancing And Increasing Metallic Strength Of Your Objects

Posted on Sep 14, 2016 by Mr.

Are you dealing with metallic items? So what do you think about its protection and long life?

This very question has not popped out suddenly in the mid air. But is very common among the manufacturers of metal equipments. Although enhancement in mechanical property, corrosion resistant, longevity and many more are some of the features, one always want to target if he is aiming for a good surplus profit for the company. As a result it won’t be wrong to state that without a great and best quality of product, you can’t make a sale. Correspondingly, as per the obligation one has to look into the improvement of the standards and you really don’t have a choice either. However, as it is said every problem has a solution, quiet a number of attempts in this regard has made way to nitriding of the metal elements.

Nitriding is ultimately an unique method to deal with the corrosion and to increase the life of metallic items. Largely utilized and appreciated in every small to big scale industry. Basically, nitriding is all about utilizing nitrogen in different forms. In general terms, if explained it is an industrial hardening technique which forms a hard outer case over the subjected article.

This hardening procedure or nitriding is done in three  different methods. These are as follows:

1. Gas nitriding

2. Salt bath nitriding

3. Plasma nitriding

As nitrogen plays a major key role in the entire process, so the name of the process has been given accordingly depending on the state used which has nitrogen in their composition. In gas nitriding, ammonia gas is used which donates nitrogen. Similarly, in salt bath nitriding nitrogen is used in the form of salts of it (salt of nitrogen such as cyanide salt).

Not to mention that here we are particularly talking about ion plasma nitriding which is far more improved and adapted in the industries. In this procedure, nitrogen is subjected to a very strong electric field, which generates the ionized molecules of nitrogen gas all over the subjecting nitriding object. The entire body of the nitriding object is covered by a layer which is very hard. In traditional nitriding, a white layer is always observed, which not the same with ion plasma nitriding method. It has a large number of benefits as compare to the other methods such as brittleness is totally overcome with a smooth layer. The co-efficient of friction and the rate of distortion is minimal. There is no such actual change in the property of core material with increase in fatigue strength.

While doing a market survey, we got a pretty number of companies offering nitriding in the United States with pocket friendly rates. Accompanied with modern tools, they are self sufficient to face any sudden tackling situation. Highly advanced furnaces that are computerized and automated to adjust temperature and other factors, so as to control the risks. Fulfilling all the necessary standards, they are in fact eco-friendly and have non hazardous ambience.

It is a great news for individuals who are looking out for perfect nitriding solutions for their equipments. Particularly when they can be applied a large range of materials like cast iron or stain less steel etc. Various nitrided objects are used in different fields such as die molds, sintered parts, bolts, crank shafts, ship diesel tanks, pumps, screws, bearings, valves, gears etc.

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