Non-Emergency Transportation System & Facilities Around World Including Georgia

Posted on Sep 14, 2016 by Mark

Have you ever experienced being transported in a non-emergency stretcher transportation? If ‘No’ is your confident answer then this article will help you in getting aware of a world where thousands of citizens or patients as well as their families are faced with a situation cum challenge of getting to the hospital for a normal routine care or an appointment. The problem is that all such regular visit to their respective doctors or physicians is not termed as medical emergencies and in such cases, out-patients must have to find asubstitute to ambulances such as non-emergency patient transportation. These are also mentioned to as non-emergency medical transportation that delivers a meaningful transport to the patients to visit the doctor’s office, urgent care, hospitals and additional medical facilities for routine appointments. It was never considered as an alternate version of an ambulance in the event of an emergency. Instead, it covers a groupof people who are not able to transport themselves to routine appointments and check-ups.

These types of patient transportation or non-emergency wheelchair transportation is ideal for individuals who find it very problematic to drive themselves for a visitation to their personal doctor This also includes patients who are limited in mobility, but are not capable of getting power to drive due to medications as well as those who do not have a license to drive while suffering for a disease so all these special circumstances and situations forces people to take steps to get their hands on some special vehicles. Thus you can see it for yourself that all such vehicles are not emergency service vehicles, but the irony is that it holds certain similarities with ambulances. All most all the private companies appoint some experienced drivers cum EMTs, who are capable of providing CPR to the patient& basic first aid or even operating an AED. These unique drivers are also given some specific training such as defensive driving techniques & methodically monitoring techniques on the road, in order to ensure the continuous safety of their patients. By the way as it was said above, these vehicles are not at all full-fledged ambulances. All such special vehicles used for this service are more than the average cab. All such non-emergency vehicles are equipped to accommodate wheelchairs as well as stretchers.

Thus, most of the medical transportation system of the world including the Georgia medical transportation system works in the same way. Whether it is emergency needs or non-emergency needs of the patient, the service crew that also includes a technician and paramedic, whenever they arrive on the spot with the vehicle, first they will try to evaluate the situation and condition of the patient and then will either treat the patient there on the spot or take him to the hospital. In some cases, when they arrive on the scene and find out that the patient requires non-emergency help then they have the facility to call a non-emergency vehicle for transportation of an out-patient. But in normal circumstances, the patient has to register or pay a nominal price to avail non-emergency services for himself or herself. Numerous countries have various different medical facilities. You have to check that, which one is suitable for you.


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