Resident Evil: Rising movie

Posted on Oct 04, 2016 by Alice

Perhaps the best news for horrors lovers in 2017 is the premier of Resident Evil : Rising movie. Anderson simply hasn’t gotten around to finalizing contracts with those actors, and that’s why they haven’t been confirmed yet.

Anderson also confirmed that the film will “definitely be 3D,” saying, “3D technology has now become the fabric [of] film.” No surprise there, considering that the previous two installments, both directed by Anderson, were also shot in the medium.

The report also has Anderson quoted as saying that he will be returning home soon to begin work on “Rising Resident Evil,” but that’s likely a translation issue. What seems more likely is that the title for the next film could be something along the lines of Resident Evil RisingResident Evil: Ascensionor Resident Evil: Uprising. Out of those, the second option would appear to have the strongest chance of being official, given that the previous films have been subtitled with punchy words like ApocalypseExtinctionAfterlife and Retribution. However, some sites have also reported that the title is Resident Evil Rises, so it’s unclear whether Anderson has even settled on a name yet.

Though nothing has been officially announced, it seems probable that Resident Evil 6 will target a release in September of 2015, as that’s around the time when every entry apart from the first film has debuted in theaters. Only Everest is scheduled for that month right now, so Resident Evil 6should have no trouble drawing a sizeable audience.

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