Why Cloud Based Medical Billing Software Works for Independent Medical Practices

Posted on Oct 29, 2016 by william

For independent medical practices that are looking to upgrade their practice management software, there are definite advantages in choosing cloud-based programs over traditional server-oriented systems. Kareo Medical Billing software is a cloud-based system that offers numerous benefits for practices that are not large enough to support an IT staff.

Server-based systems have always had their issues, but there was little that practices could do about it until the advent of cloud-based software systems.

Five Benefits of Cloud-Based Medical Software Systems:

No In-House Hardware or Software Purchases: This means that you do not need a hardware infrastructure as the cloud takes care of all these matters. This means a lower installation cost with the maintenance performed by the vendor. You do not need an IT staff to maintain the system which in the long run means lower costs.

Lower Initial Costs: One of the stopping points for many practices is the upfront cost of purchasing a new server system which can run upwards of $40,000 on average. However, the cloud-based system don’t involve major upfront investment which represents a remarkable lower amount needed for the initial costs. Not only is the installation far lower, but the costs over the first year for server-based systems are often two to three times the amount of their initial costs which makes cloud-based programs far more obtainable.

Strong Support: Considering that server-based systems usually require IT support that must maintain its security, a cloud-based system charges a single monthly fee to do all of what hiring an IT staff requires at a fraction of the cost. This means that you get strong support for your system from the vendor without having to hire additional personnel.

Faster Transition: Because there is no hardware or software instillation, your practice can benefit from a faster transition time. This means less downtime for the staff using the system and an implementation process that goes without having a crew install a new server or computer system for your practice. The result is that your new cloud-based system goes in faster and can be utilized quickly so that your practice endures minimal interruption.

Better Cost Effectiveness: This is particularly true for small or one-person practices that have little room in the budget for traditional server-based systems. It provides such practices with greater budget flexibility and a competitive edge. For all practical purposes, cloud-based systems even out the playing field between one-person or small practices and large ones that still use the server-based systems.

In addition, there are numerous other benefits that include, but are not necessarily limited to the following;

- Greater Vendor Support
- HIPAA Regulations Met by Vendor
- Excellent for Physicians that Travel or Have No Traditional Office
- Mobile-Oriented System
- Secure Patient Information
- Accesses High-Speed Internet
- Regular Updates

In addition, a Kareo Medical Billing software provides backup in case disaster strikes. When you consider the vulnerability of server-based systems, switching to a cloud-based model offers numerous advantages for your practice.

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