Welcome to The World of Digital Maps & Models That Shapes Current World

Posted on Oct 29, 2016 by Ron

We came to know about our world with the help of maps and map charts that helped us in pinpointing numerous lands, islands, countries and continents precisely. Actually, these maps got a huge makeover due the various developments in the technology constantly and now we are in a stage that will help us in developing digital map that will not just show us about lands, islands and continents but will also show some greater details such as roads, rail tracks, Skyward view or upper view of an urban city. Sometimes you can also dig dipper by zooming further and can be able to see or watch lanes and by lanes, streets and underground tunnels and as well as ground routes with the help of a digitalized format of the map. Thus these new map formats have increased accuracy and revolutionizing the way we see the world.

It is a big advantage that these digitised maps provide us with huge range of options that we can select for our needs and requirements. Our current existing technology means that we are now able to look at different aspects of map to find out what we need exactly without getting distracted by any other thing that is included there. Our ability to select a particular aspect to focus on is debatably one of the primary ways in which these electronic maps have changed the way we view the world. Now, these maps can also be used for the military purposes to use it for various strategical & tactical operations in pinpointing locations of the enemy bunkers, bases, headquarters and radar stations. Now besides that we also use radio frequency map for planning the range of radio frequency in the entire city. It is profitable for companies like Boodmoe that is known for developing innovative products& solutions for telecommunication markets, transport management, logistics, geomarketing, navigation and for the uses of various other applications.

Now 3d digital model is one of a kind solution created and manufactured by all such companies and it is also known as digital elevation model to elaborate it further in an understandable format for the general public. It is simply a digital created representation of ground topography and terrain. Although all such maps depicting geographical & structural information have been produced for hundreds of years but they were mostly and generally written and inscribed on paper. Now, recently all such data has been collected in such a precise detail in a digital format to create these digital models especially with the use of branded production techniques that will result in high resolution good photo quality raised digital maps with various architectural rudiments and basics of buildings, classy engineering constructions, flora, water bodies and other crucial elements. It is used in various applications such as urban planning for various wireless networks, web based tourist applications, web based business applications, computer-generated games, trainings and briefings related to rescue operations, disaster management and last but not the least real estate & marketing applications. There are various levels of details that are available in these digital models such as basic level standard texture and photos, standard level photos that are used for all building surfaces, improved level photos that are treated to make precise roof & architectural details and at last advanced level photos that shows surfaces of buildings with complex architecture are created individually with each building. Thus the elements of drawing will be added to textures of multifaceted buildings.


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