Celebratory Discount Of 15% on All Ayurvedic Products

Posted on Nov 25, 2016 by Kairali

Bringing the best of Ayurveda and extending warmest of services to all our guests, we have yet again won the title of India’s Leading Spa Resort 2016 at the 23rd Annual World Travel Awards. This has been possible only because of our guests’ continuous support and our endeavours of doing better every single day. And how do we celebrate this occasion? By giving out a discount of 15% on our entire range of Ayurvedic Products for our patrons.

Offering an entire range of 100% natural Ayurvedic products for healthcare, cosmetics, ailments and diseases, we give solutions which are free from any harmful substances and heal the body from within. Incorporating the Vedic knowledge in the field of healthcare, we, at Kairali, make sure that you get the best of what nature has to offer. We prepare specialized products for treatments like panchkarma, weight management, stress management and other ailments.

Prepared at state-of-the-art facilities with complete medical equipment, our ayurvedic products are prepared according to the traditional Ayurvedic methods as prescribed by the Vedas. The research and the preparation is monitored by our Ayurvedic experts to maintain the highest standards of quality and ensuring its genuinity. Our products include Kashayas (water soluble herbs), Lehyas (ayurvedic jams), Herbal Oils (for external use like joint pains, facial oil, etc. ), Tonics (For ailments like cold, cough, etc.), Choornas (for respiratory, digestion and reproductive processes) and Gulikas (for diabetes, respiratory disorders and depression). These products aid in improving the bodily processes and also the immunity.

Other range of products includes:

1.       Body Care: Kairali’s Body Care products include Hair Shampoo, Conditioner, Hair oils, body oils, and other products for wrinkles, pimples and dark skin. Products for Foot Care, Dental Care, Eye Care and Breast Care are also available.

2.       Energy Boosters: For improving the overall health and infusing more energy, daily energy supplements, multivitamin products and tonics are available. 100% natural, these have a therapeutic effect on the body.

3.       Specialized products for Men and Women: Offering a wide range of specialized products for men and women, we offer products relating to beauty, sexual health and reproductive ailments.

4.       Diseases and Ailments: Products relating to neurological, skin, digestion and reproduction are offered for natural healing.

Kairali Herbal Teas - Aarogya, Yuvan and Taahira, made from natural ingredients help in improving immunity, controlling hypertension, diabetes and stress. It also energizes the body for the hectic schedule. The ingredients include ginger, pepper, anise, and other fruit spices. It is the perfect drink to welcome the winters with!

So what are you waiting for! Come, rejoice with us and enjoy the gifts of nature with us.

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