Amazing Food tours in Melbourne - An Unimaginable Experience

Posted on Dec 12, 2016 by Chef Ha

Melbourne is a beautiful city. There are endless scenic locales to browse and explore. If you are an avid foodie, you should embark on a delectable journey and be a part of very popular food tours in Melbourne. Going on these food tours is the best way to visit end enjoy some of the best food locations in the city. You are bound to enjoy amazing food experiences in and around the city. The food tours and their locations are decided after a lot of research and only those places are selected where quality, taste and flavor of food is amazing and unique. The places where one can visit as part of these tours are committed to cook and sell good food. You can visit some of the most popular and outstanding cheese shops, gourmet stores, dessert shops, chocolates and producers. When going for a food tour in Melbourne, you are on a roller coaster ride of an amazing range of food experiences.

A Delectable Food Journey for those with a sweet tooth

As part of Melbourne food tours, the visitors are taken to some of the best dessert shops in the city. These shops may be located within the heart of the city or in its suburbs. With all these shops, Melbourne can easily be touted as the dessert capital of Melbourne. Here, you can taste and buy some of the most awesome truffles, profiteroles, cakes, macaroons, chocolates, salted caramels and tarts. This tour is perfectly meant for those who have a sweet tooth and love to gorge on sweet delicacies.

Celebration Tour

If you are looking forward to celebrate a special day, whether it is your anniversary or birthday, celebrating end of financial year, a team building exercise, you can embark on a celebration tour. With this tour, you can visit all those stunning and scintillating places where a special day can be made more special and memorable. There is no dearth of places where you can have lip-smacking breakfast or a fine lunch spread and amazing dinner.

Fresh Produce Tour

If you are one of those who considers going back to the roots as the best way to stay fit and healthy, then this Melbourne food tour is meant just for you. As part of this tour, you are taken to all those places where you can get fresh produce. Usually, these places are located close to the countryside where farmers bring fresh produce to sell to the city dwellers. You will also be taken to those food joints and restaurants where food is cooked using fresh and pure produce. This is one of the best ways to explore the foodie culture of the city.

With culinary tourism gaining widespread popularity, more and more food tours in Melbourneare coming up in a big way. People who love feasting on good quality and tasty feast, these tours are perfect for them. They not only get to taste good food, they also get a chance to understand the culture of the city. Food is also the best way to forge new friendships. This is the reason, besides Melbourne, some of the other prominent cities are also organizing similar tours to take them from urban tours to rural food feasting tours, wine tasting to cocoa plantations and more. Food has always been one of the major aspects of life for people all over the world. In recent times, many companies are bringing culinary experiences in the form of food tours that allow visitors as well as locals to know more about the food and culture of the place.


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