Discover your inner beauty with Breast Augmentation South Wales

Posted on Dec 27, 2016 by Cosmetic Surgery

The Cosmetic surgery South Wales brings you Breast augmentation. Pamper yourself with Breast Augmentation and look more beautiful.

Generally, there is no age for augmentation but it is advised to go for this surgery once you have finished having your small family. It is a safe surgery process as long as you have realistic expectations. We have tailored treatment for every individual for the breast augmentation South Wales. We take into consideration body type, the degree of laxity of your skin and shape of breasts. We advise you what type of surgery that you could have rather than what is in trend.

There are three types of breast augmentation:

  1. Saline breast implant

  2. Silicon breast implant

  3. Fat breast implant

One of the most popular options at Cosmetic Surgery is fat breast implant where you own body fat is used for breast reconstruction. The process includes 3 steps: Planning, Surgery, and Aftercare.

Planning stage includes planning and discussion regarding your shape, size, health and other complications.

Surgery stage includes 90 minutes surgery followed by one day stay in the hospital. You will also be prescribed medications.

Aftercare stage includes advice and instructions and post-surgery check-ups if required.....

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