Power Of 3D Mapping Has Changed The Definition Of Navigation

Posted on Dec 27, 2016 by Ron

What happens when you get stuck in an unknown place or get confused between the roads to be taken?  Although, such things are quite predictable during a road trip. So, what do you do the next moment?

Definitely, in such situation a map would be the best solution. However, stopping by every shop and gas station for directions is not always possible (which most of us do).So now we are not talking about the map which is usually drawn on paper like in old days. No doubt the paper maps have served human for centuries for navigating places. But digitalization is a certainly a boon for human race and has utilized in various field. One such aspect is the digital maps. The navigation system installed in our cars to track the path and location is nothing but digital maps. Not only in cars but the cell phone that we use also show maps and locations too. 

Interestingly, there is a long list of its application that has changed the perception of viewing places. Whether you are at remote and isolated place or even in the higher altitude region, one can never be lost, if he/she is accessed to these digital maps. 

The secret lies in radio frequency planning which is an intelligent and unique technique of utilising radio wave as a medium of transfer. In order words, it can be explained as method of assigning frequencies. A radio wave can easily transfer information from one source to other. The power of mapping has helped in disaster prediction, emergency response, and rescue organization also.

In addition, 3d map rf planning is a vital and crucial aspect in telecommunication companies. It is an indispensable factor that for any thriving telecom company network coverage is very important. Whether it is high altitude or an isolated place, one must serve powerful network facility to the clients. With the help of radio frequency planning, the mobile companies able to maintain their cover area as well as the strength.

Consequently, you will find a wide range of digital mapping products or say data services offered by the companies in the market for various purpose like geospatial solution consulting and development. One will find these high resolution aerial views of landscapes gives highly defined and accurate picture. In addition, realistic 3D digital map provides good tool for urban planning of town and city.

Furthermore, these kinds of service data are very much useful for GIS also called as geographical information system which is a computing system for capturing, strong, checking and displaying data related to the position of earth. It helps to interpret data to understand relationship, pattern, and trends. So, one can also compare the datasets of different places at the same time. This advancement is a more appropriate method that enables people to see effortlessly. Thus, it is easier to see any country or city and even the street of the place more closer view. Moreover, these data service is also useful in transport management, logistics, LBS, geo-marketing, architecture, and buildings etc.

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