Various Forms of Nitriding Solutions Helping the World

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Most of the people in the world are not aware of nitriding solutions because the processes and solutions involved in it are mostly industrial and are frequently described in jargon oriented language that makes the common man to lose interest or ignore it because of difficulty in understanding the language and the benefits that are associated with it. That is the reason most of the people do not know how it impacts our day to day lives and comes in handy for us. Today we will study this subject as clearly and simply as possible by us.

So, let’s start with ion plasma nitriding that is also known as ion nitriding. According to our article, the basic theory of ion nitriding consists of a method in surface hardening using glow discharge technology that is required for introducing elemental nitrogen to the surface of the parts for subsequent diffusion. In an artificial vacuum or void, high voltage is used for forming plasma and molecular nitrogen atoms are detached into an atomic form and are enhanced to impose on the part. This type of ion bombardment heats the workpiece, cleans the surface, and hardens the metal. Now such a nitriding process or ion-nitriding process have lots of advantages that will explained below to all the readers of this article as follows:

1)      Furnace parameters can be tailoredto enhance or improve both the development of white layered growth and dispersion depth.

2)      Lower operating temperatures permits nitriding at cooling temperatures resulting in less alterationand distortion and no opposing or contrary effects on core temperatures.

3)      The third advantage includes the use of popping or spluttering steps that can easily remove chromium oxide layers that are existing in advanced alloyed material such as stainless, helping or allowing trouble free nitriding.

4)      By using or running this process in controlled environments, a workercan achieve fully reproducible layer structures.

5)      Besides that, Surfaces that requires protection or cover from the process of nitriding can be masked using mechanical or sheet masks. This negates the application and removal of stops of plaints and plating.

6)      These advantages include no increase in the surface roughness of the part. There are also some other advantages such as improvements in wear & corrosion resistance, increase in fatigue strength and reduced co-efficiency of friction.

7)      Wider range of nitridable products and materials as well as no significant dimensional changes.


Besides that, to conduct or execute plasma nitriding there are numerous equipments that are required such as hot wall temperature control system that is known because of hot wall technology. Thus, the hot wall technology as well as the multi zone heating and cooling controls permit it for convection heating of the mechanisms & components up to the nitriding temperatures and the temperature of the long parts can be measured at the top, middle and bottom with the automated control system self-regulating to achieve a uniform temperature from top to bottom. In the same way, there are other such equipments such as pulse plasma generators, computer integration and data logging system that is used for checking, controlling, maintaining and real time data logging of all furnace parameters such as a) voltage, current and power consumption, b) wall temperatures on each level, c) Part temperatures, d) pressure, e) Plasma pulse times/pause times, f) Gas flow rates etc.


These and many such safeguards & alarms protect the parts within the furnace including the arc detection & contingencies for any of the above parameters that doesn’t fall within specifications.

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